How to Order Uber Without Requiring an Internet-Connected Smartphone

Uber has become the most popular ridesharing service, providing convenient transportation in over 10,000 cities globally. However, using Uber typically requires having a smartphone with mobile data or WiFi connectivity. What if you don’t have a smartphone or mobile data access? Here are several methods to order an Uber ride without an internet-connected device.

Order Uber Online from a Computer

The easiest way is to use the Uber website ( from a laptop or desktop computer.

  • First, create an Uber account by providing your email address and phone number. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal.
  • Next, allow the website to access your location or manually enter a pickup address.
  • Then, set a dropoff destination on the map.
  • Finally, select a ride type like UberX, confirm your ride details, and request your Uber.

You will receive text messages with driver details and can track your ride on the website. This works perfectly if you have access to a computer with internet.

Use the Uber Phone Booking Service

In May 2023, Uber launched a phone booking service that allows you to order a ride by calling a toll-free number:

  • Call 1-833-USE-UBER (1-833-873-8237) to speak with an Uber agent in English or Spanish.
  • Provide your phone number to link your account or create a new one.
  • The agent will help set a pickup location and destination.
  • Pay over the phone with a credit card.

After booking, you’ll receive SMS updates on your driver’s details and location. This is ideal if you don’t have a smartphone but need on-demand Uber access.

Order Through SMS

Some third-party services allow ordering Uber through SMS without requiring a smartphone app.

For example, Uber without Internet is an SMS-based solution to hail rides when you have no data connection. After registering your account, you can text specific codes to order or cancel rides.

The service costs the same as booking through the app. You’ll receive text notifications on driver details. This is useful if you have a basic phone but no mobile data.

Use a Concierge Service

Many hotels and residential buildings offer concierge services that can call an Uber on your behalf.

Tell the concierge:

  • Your Uber account details
  • Pickup location
  • Destination
  • Ride type

You’ll still receive ride notifications by text message. Concierge services are perfect for ordering Uber without a phone.

Tips for First-Time Uber Riders

If it’s your first Uber ride, keep these tips in mind:

  • Enable location access if possible, for more accurate ETAs and pickup points.
  • Meet the driver at the pickup location stated in your booking confirmation.
  • Verify the license plate number matches what’s provided in the text message.
  • Sit in the back seat unless you have a large group.
  • Provide clear destination details and directions to the driver if needed.

Top Uber Alternatives

In case Uber is not available in your area, try these top alternative ridesharing platforms:

  • Lyft: The biggest Uber competitor in the US and Canada. Offers similar ride types and prices.
  • Ola: Popular in India and Australia. Known for affordable ride fares and auto rickshaw bookings.
  • Grab: Leading rideshare app in Southeast Asia. Also provides food and package delivery.
  • Cabify: Operates in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Includes corporate transportation solutions.
  • Bolt: Main alternative to Uber in Europe and Africa. Focuses on lower prices for riders.

So in summary, you have various options to order an Uber ride even if you don’t have a smartphone or mobile internet access. With the phone booking number, SMS services, or concierge help, transportation is still at your fingertips!