How To Change Your Device Region in Xiaomi MIUI Software

Xiaomi’s MIUI software allows users to change the region on their device, which can unlock additional features, themes, and content. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your Xiaomi device’s region in MIUI:

Why Change Your Xiaomi Device’s Region?

There are several reasons you may want to change the region on your Xiaomi device running MIUI:

  • Access region-locked features, themes, and content
  • Receive faster software updates
  • Customize your device’s settings and functionality
  • Use your device when traveling to different countries

For example, setting your region to India unlocks many more theme options compared to other regions. China often receives MIUI updates first. So changing your region can provide more customization, new features faster, and make your device work better if traveling.

How to Change Region in MIUI

Changing your region in MIUI only takes a few steps:

1. Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on your Xiaomi device. You can also search for “Settings” from the home screen.

2. Tap Additional Settings

Scroll down and tap on the “Additional Settings” option in Settings.

3. Select Region

In Additional Settings, tap on the “Region” menu item.

4. Choose New Region

You will see a list of countries. Browse the list and tap on the region/country you want to change to.

5. Confirm Region Change

A popup will appear to confirm you want to change to the new region. Tap “Confirm” to apply the change.

That’s it! MIUI will reload with the settings and options for your new region. You may need to restart your device for some changes to apply.

Popular Regions to Change To

Here are some of the most popular regions Xiaomi users switch to and why:

  • China – Gets MIUI updates first, access to more apps/tools
  • India – Unlocks extra theme store content, more customization
  • Singapore – Improves audio quality, louder maximum volume
  • United States – Useful when traveling, changes units to imperial

So if you want faster updates, better audio, more theme options, or prepare for travel, changing your region in MIUI can help achieve that.

What Changing the Region Affects

When you change your Xiaomi device’s region in MIUI, here are some of the things that will change:

  • Pre-installed apps based on the region
  • Options, themes, and content availability
  • Software update speed/frequency
  • Regulatory settings, options, and defaults
  • Language and unit defaults

So by changing the region, you are customizing your device experience in MIUI for that country. Apps and services for that region will be prioritized and set as defaults where applicable.

Some functionality differences:

  • China loses Google apps & services
  • India gains more provider apps & ads
  • EU/US have stricter volume limits

So be aware apps you rely on could change depending on region. Most core functions remain unaffected though.

Other Tips for Changing Region

Keep these tips in mind when changing regions in MIUI:

  • You can switch back and forth freely if needed
  • Some apps may need to be reconfigured
  • Restart device after changing regions
  • Try different regions to see differences
  • Research the region before switching

Be sure to restart your device after changing the region for all of the settings to apply properly in MIUI. And some apps may need to be signed in again or reconfigured if they are region-specific.

Feel free to experiment with different regions to see the options and themes you like best! Just be sure to research the differences in MIUI for each region first so you know what to expect.


Changing your Xiaomi device’s region in MIUI software settings is simple and can unlock extra customization options, faster updates, and better travel compatibility. Just go to Settings > Additional Settings > Region and choose your new region, then confirm the change. Be aware it will adjust defaults, pre-installed apps, regulatory settings, and more based on that country. With so many cool features to unlock, try a new Xiaomi MIUI region today!