How to Quickly Delete All Voicemail Messages on Your iPhone

Key Takeaways:

  • You can easily delete individual or multiple voicemails directly from the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail inbox
  • Deleted voicemails are moved to a “Deleted Messages” folder and can be recovered if needed
  • To permanently delete all voicemails, you must clear out the “Deleted Messages” folder

As an iPhone user and tech enthusiast, I’ve found that managing voicemail messages is an important part of keeping your device organized and clutter-free. Over time, voicemails can accumulate and take up valuable storage space on your iPhone. Fortunately, Apple’s Visual Voicemail feature makes it incredibly simple to review, delete, and manage your voicemail messages.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to quickly delete all voicemail messages on your iPhone, as well as how to manage deleted messages and permanently remove them from your device.

Deleting Individual Voicemail Messages

To delete a single voicemail message:

  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the Voicemail tab at the bottom right corner
  3. Find the voicemail message you want to delete
  4. Swipe left on the message and tap Delete[1][3]

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Tap on the voicemail message to open it
  2. Tap the Delete button (trash can icon) at the bottom of the screen[1][3]

The voicemail message will be removed from your inbox and moved to the “Deleted Messages” folder.

Deleting Multiple Voicemail Messages

If you have several voicemails you want to delete at once, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Phone app and go to the Voicemail tab
  2. Tap Edit in the top right corner of the voicemail inbox
  3. Select the voicemails you want to delete by tapping the circles next to each message
  4. Tap Delete in the bottom right corner to remove the selected messages[1][2][5]

The selected voicemails will be moved to the “Deleted Messages” folder.

Managing Deleted Voicemail Messages

When you delete a voicemail, it’s not permanently erased from your iPhone right away. Instead, deleted messages are moved to a “Deleted Messages” folder, where they remain for a certain period (usually around 30 days) before being automatically purged[4][6].

To view and manage your deleted voicemails:

  1. In the Voicemail tab, scroll to the bottom of the message list
  2. Tap on Deleted Messages[5][11]

From here, you can:

  • Recover a deleted voicemail: Tap on the message and then tap Undelete to move it back to your main voicemail inbox[11][20].
  • Permanently delete individual messages: Swipe left on a message and tap Delete[6][11].

Permanently Deleting All Voicemail Messages

To completely remove all voicemails from your iPhone, you’ll need to clear out the “Deleted Messages” folder. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Voicemail tab in the Phone app
  2. Scroll down and tap on Deleted Messages
  3. Tap Clear All in the top right corner
  4. Confirm by tapping Clear All again in the pop-up window[5][6][11][20]

This action will permanently erase all deleted voicemails from your iPhone. Keep in mind that once you clear the “Deleted Messages” folder, you won’t be able to recover those messages[20].

Tips for Managing Your iPhone’s Voicemail

  • Regularly review and delete unnecessary voicemails to free up storage space on your device[4][13].
  • If you have an important voicemail you want to save, you can share it via email, text message, or save it to a file using the share button[5][13].
  • You can customize your voicemail greeting by tapping Greeting in the top left corner of the Voicemail tab[3][7].
  • If you forget your voicemail password, you can reset it by going to Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password[3][7].

By following these steps and tips, you can easily manage and delete all voicemail messages on your iPhone, keeping your device organized and clutter-free. Remember, if you accidentally delete a voicemail you need, you can always recover it from the “Deleted Messages” folder as long as it hasn’t been permanently erased.