How to Set a Timer for Photos on Android Camera App

Setting a timer on your Android camera app allows you to take photos with a delay after pressing the shutter button. This can be very useful for taking selfies, group photos, long exposure night shots, timelapses, and any situation where you need extra time to get in position before the photo is taken.

Most Android camera apps have built-in timer functionality with options ranging from 2 seconds up to 10 seconds. Some cameras also allow you to take multiple photos in a burst after the timer delay.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting and using a timer on your Android camera app:

Access the Camera App Settings

First, open your Android camera app. This is usually the default camera app provided by the device manufacturer or it could be a third party camera app you have installed.

Once the camera app is open, look for the settings icon. This is usually shown as 3 vertical dots or a gear icon. Tap on the settings icon to open the camera settings menu.

Locate the Timer Setting

In the camera settings menu, look for an option named “Timer”, “Self Timer”, “Delay Timer” or something similar. Tap on this menu item to open the timer settings.

If you don’t see a timer setting, your camera app may not support this feature natively. However, most Android camera apps have this capability nowadays.

Choose a Timer Duration

Once you access the timer settings, you will see options for different timer durations, usually 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds or more.

Some apps may also have an option for “unlimited”, which will continuously take photos after the initial timer delay.

Choose your desired time delay and tap on it to set the camera timer. A tick mark or highlight will indicate your selection.

Take Timer Photos

After you have set the timer duration, exit out of the settings menu to go back to the camera viewfinder.

Compose your photo as required and tap the shutter button. Your camera will now start counting down the timer instead of immediately taking a photo.

Get ready for the photo during the countdown. After the timer duration, the camera will automatically take the picture.

Some cameras may also take multiple shots in burst mode after the initial timer shot.

Tips for Using Camera Timer

Here are some tips to take better timer photos on Android:

  • Use a tripod or steady surface to avoid shake during the timer delay
  • For group photos, inform everyone about the timer so they are ready
  • Try both front and rear cameras for different selfie effects
  • Adjust timer duration as needed – more time for groups, less for selfies
  • Use voice commands if available, like “Timer 10 seconds”
  • Try multiple shots in burst mode to get different poses

Camera App Timer Features

Some Android camera apps provide advanced timer capabilities beyond just setting a delay:

Multiple Timer Shots

Ability to take multiple shots in burst after the initial timer delay. Useful for poses and expressions.

Custom Timer Intervals

Set custom timer durations like 3 seconds, 15 seconds instead of presets.

Repeating Timer

Timer keeps taking photos every x seconds indefinitely, for timelapse videos.

Sound Notification

Plays beep sound when timer is active and counting down.

Front Camera Timer

Allows using timer with both front and rear cameras.

Best Camera Apps for Timer Photos

The default camera app on your Android phone may have basic timer functionality. But if you want additional features and options, consider installing these camera apps:

  • Open Camera – Highly capable open source app with many timer modes
  • Camera FV-5 – Professional camera with custom timers
  • Camera MX – Easy to use timer camera with timelapse
  • Footej Camera – Multiple timer shots in burst mode

So that’s a comprehensive overview of using the timer capabilities on your Android camera app! With so many options to take timed shots before or after pressing the shutter button, you no longer need to miss out on being part of memorable group photos and selfies.

Let me know if you have any other questions about setting up and using camera timers for your perfect pictures!