The Ultimate Guide to Equipping and Using Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends

Key takeaways:

  • Skydive emotes are automatically equipped once unlocked, no need to manually equip them
  • Emotes are obtained through battle passes, events, or the in-game store
  • Press the jump button while skydiving to perform your equipped emotes

Skydive emotes are a fun way to express yourself and show off your style in Apex Legends. These unique animations play while you’re dropping into the battle royale arena, adding flair to the start of every match. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting, equipping, and using skydive emotes.

How to Obtain Skydive Emotes

There are a few different ways to add skydive emotes to your collection:

  1. Battle Pass Rewards: Many skydive emotes are included in the premium track of each season’s battle pass. Purchase the battle pass and level it up to unlock these exclusive emotes.[1][2]
  2. Limited-Time Events: During collection events or themed events, check the Event Hub for unique skydive emotes that are only available for a limited time. These may be purchasable with Apex Coins or craftable with Crafting Metals.[2]
  3. In-Game Store: The store occasionally features skydive emotes for specific legends. These can be bought individually with Apex Coins or as part of a legend-specific bundle.[2]

Equipping Skydive Emotes

The great news is that once you’ve unlocked a skydive emote, it’s automatically equipped to the corresponding legend.[1][2] There’s no need to manually equip them like other cosmetic items. The emote will be ready to use in your next match.

If you have multiple skydive emotes for a single legend, the game will cycle through them as you use them in matches.[1]

Using Skydive Emotes In-Game

Now that your emotes are unlocked and equipped, it’s time to show them off in the arena! Here’s how to use skydive emotes:

  1. Launch into a match and skydive as usual.
  2. While skydiving, press the jump button (e.g., spacebar on PC, A button on Xbox, X button on PlayStation) to perform your equipped skydive emote.[1][5]
  3. Enjoy the animation as your legend stylishly descends!

You can perform skydive emotes anytime during the initial drop or when using a jump tower. Keep in mind that you can only use one emote per skydive.[2]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which skydive emote to use if I have multiple for one legend?

No, the game automatically cycles through your unlocked emotes for each legend. You cannot manually select a specific emote to use.[1]

Do skydive emotes affect gameplay or hitboxes?

No, skydive emotes are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages or disadvantages. Using an emote does not make you harder to hit while skydiving.[9]

Can I use skydive emotes while playing in Ranked mode?

Yes, you can use skydive emotes in any game mode, including Ranked matches. They are not limited to casual play.[2]

How many skydive emotes are available for each legend?

The number of available skydive emotes varies by legend and is constantly growing with each new season and event. Some legends have several emotes, while others may only have one or two.[2][6]

Can I preview skydive emotes before unlocking them?

Yes, you can preview skydive emotes in the battle pass rewards page, event hub, or store before deciding to unlock or purchase them.[2][3]

With this guide, you’re ready to add some personality to your drops and impress your squadmates with your stylish skydive emotes. Remember, these cosmetics are all about having fun and expressing yourself, so equip your favorites and enjoy the ride!