How To Share and Send Out Survey Questionnaires in SurveyMonkey Platform

SurveyMonkey is a leading online survey platform that makes it easy to create, share, and analyze surveys. With SurveyMonkey, you can easily collaborate with others on survey projects and send out survey questionnaires to collect responses.

Sharing Surveys in SurveyMonkey

There are several ways to share surveys in SurveyMonkey:

Share with Specific Team Members

  • Select the share icon next to the survey you want to share
  • Choose specific team members or workgroups to share the survey with
  • Team members are granted permissions to different sections of the survey based on their account type

Share with People Outside Your Team

  • You can share surveys with people outside your team if you have an Enterprise account
  • External people can only view the survey and do not have edit access

Automatically Share New Surveys with Your Team

  • When starting a new survey, select the option to automatically share it with your entire team
  • Useful if you want all team members to collaborate on the survey design and analysis

Share Existing Surveys Later On

  • Go to “My Surveys” page and select the share icon next to a survey
  • Choose team members or groups to share the survey with

Shared surveys remain available in your SurveyMonkey account until removed by the survey owner.

Sending Out Survey Questionnaires

There are many ways to distribute surveys and collect responses in SurveyMonkey:

Email Invitation

  • Customize email invites sent to your contact list
  • Track who responded to the survey

Web Link

  • Generate a web link or QR code for your survey
  • Share via social media, newsletters, website, etc.

Social Media

  • Post your survey link directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Website Widget

  • Embed survey on your website
  • Show pop-up invitations

SMS Text Message

  • Text contacts a link to your survey
  • Recipients take the survey on their mobile browser

Buy Responses

  • Purchase responses from SurveyMonkey Audience panel
  • Target by demographics and interests

You can use multiple collection methods for the same survey to maximize responses.

Best Practices for Sharing Surveys

Follow these best practices when sharing and distributing surveys:

Get Consent

  • Only send surveys to people who have agreed to participate
  • Respect opt-out requests

Personalize Invitations

  • Use mail merge to personalize each email invite
  • Address people by name to boost open rates

Schedule Send Times

  • Send email invites at optimal times for higher open and response rates

Remind Non-Respondents

  • Send email reminders to non-respondents to improve completion rates

Track Links

  • Use unique survey links to see which distribution channels convert best

Monitor Progress

  • Check response metrics to see if you’re getting enough responses

Analyzing Survey Responses

SurveyMonkey provides user-friendly analytics to turn your data into insights:

Summary Reports

  • Instant overview of key metrics and highlights

Powerful Dashboards

  • Visualize data trends in charts and graphs
  • Filter and segment data on multiple criteria

Export Results

  • Download response data to Excel or CSV format
  • Import into other analytics platforms

Shared Data Pages

  • Publish interactive results dashboard
  • Share view-only results with wider team

By following best practices around sharing surveys and analyzing responses, you can get impactful insights from SurveyMonkey. The platform makes it easy to collaborate with others to create and distribute surveys as well as uncover actionable conclusions.

My Experience Using SurveyMonkey

I have over 5 years of experience using SurveyMonkey to create various types of online surveys for market research, event feedback, employee satisfaction surveys, and more.

Here are some key benefits I’ve experienced:

Easy survey creation: The drag-and-drop survey builder makes it simple for anyone to create professional online surveys. You can customize themes, logic, images, videos, and more with just a few clicks.

Flexible distribution: SurveyMonkey offers so many options to send out your surveys via links, email invites, website widgets, social media, and more. This flexibility helps me maximize responses no matter the audience.

Insightful analytics: The summary reports, crosstabs filters, and dashboards help me easily analyze results to pull key insights. I can share interactive dashboards with clients and stakeholders too.

Reliable platform: In the 5+ years I’ve used SurveyMonkey, I’ve found it to be highly reliable with great uptime. I never worry about my surveys crashing from too much traffic.

Great support: The few times I’ve needed help, SurveyMonkey’s support team has quickly resolved any issues.

Overall, SurveyMonkey ticks all the boxes in terms of survey software needs – it’s easy, flexible, insightful, reliable, and well-supported. I would definitely recommend SurveyMonkey as a go-to survey solution for any business.