How to Play and Stream Music Audio Through Your Microphone in Games

  1. Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Recording tab
  2. Enable “Stereo Mix” and set it as the default microphone
  3. In your game or streaming software, set the microphone input to “Stereo Mix”
  4. Any audio played on your PC will now be routed through the virtual “Stereo Mix” device into the microphone input

Using Third-Party Software

  • Software like Virtual Audio Cable, VoiceMeeter, Clownfish, etc can create virtual devices to mix computer audio and microphone input
  • They are more flexible and advanced options compared to Windows’ built-in Stereo Mix
  • Useful for separating game audio from voice chat, applying effects, etc.

On Mac

  • Use QuickTime or any audio recording software
  • Set the input to the built-in microphone
  • Audio played on the Mac will be recorded along with microphone input

On Game Consoles

  • Game consoles allow configuring microphone and speaker assignments
  • You can set the speaker output to be routed into the mic input instead of the built-in mic

Other Tips

  • Test the setup before going live to check for feedback or echo issues
  • Adjust mic positioning, volume levels, and audio processing settings as needed
  • Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent echo/feedback through the mic
  • For best audio quality, use high-quality speakers and microphones

In summary, Windows Stereo Mix, third-party virtual audio software, or console audio settings can route computer/game audio to mic inputs for streaming in games or voice chats. Testing the configuration is important to prevent audio issues.