How To Turn HDR Mode On or Off on a Hisense Smart TV

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an advanced video technology that dramatically improves picture quality by expanding the range of colors, contrast, and brightness a TV can display. When you enable HDR mode on a compatible Hisense Smart TV, it unlocks the TV’s full visual potential to deliver stunning, ultra-realistic images that make content come alive.

However, HDR mode may not always be desirable, especially if the video stream is not properly optimized for HDR. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn HDR on or off on Hisense Smart TVs. Here is a step-by-step guide:

What You Need

To use HDR mode, you need:

  • A Hisense Smart TV that supports HDR (most 4K models)
  • An HDR-compatible video source like a 4K Blu-ray player, 4K streaming stick, or game console
  • High-speed HDMI cables to connect your devices

Additionally, your TV must be receiving an HDR signal. When this happens, you’ll see a small “HDR” icon appear on the screen.

How to Turn On HDR Mode

Enabling HDR mode allows your compatible Hisense TV to display High Dynamic Range content properly.

Using Remote Control

  1. Press the Home button on your Hisense remote to access the main menu screen
  2. Select the Settings icon and press OK
  3. Choose “Picture” and select “Picture Mode”
  4. Change the Picture Mode to “HDR Vivid” or “HDR Natural”

Via Mobile App

  1. Open the Hisense Smart TV app on your smartphone
  2. Connect to your Hisense TV
  3. Go to Picture Settings
  4. Turn on HDR mode

Once enabled, exit settings and start HDR video playback to experience enhanced contrast, color and brightness.

How to Turn Off HDR

If you don’t like how HDR looks or are facing video playback issues, you can disable it:

Using Remote Control

  1. Press Home button
  2. Go to Settings > Picture
  3. Select “Picture Mode”
  4. Change from current HDR mode to “Theater Day”, “Standard” or another non-HDR option

Via Mobile App

  1. Open Hisense app and connect to your TV
  2. Go to Picture Settings
  3. Select Picture Mode
  4. Choose a non-HDR picture preset like “Theater Day”

After turning off HDR mode, exit settings menu and video should playback in standard dynamic range.

Troubleshooting HDR Issues

Here are some common HDR-related problems and fixes:

Flashing video: Use certified premium HDMI cables that support 18Gbps speeds

Dark scenes: Adjust Backlight, Brightness and Contrast settings

Faded/dull colors: Enable “Enhanced Viewing” mode in System settings to auto-optimize picture

Screen flickering: Turn off Energy Saving mode in the Picture settings menu

HDR icon missing: Ensure your video source is outputting an HDR signal and mode is enabled on TV

Incompatible device: Some older media players can’t handle HDR video properly. Try a newer 4K streaming stick.

Tips for Best HDR Experience

To enjoy the full visual benefits of High Dynamic Range video, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stream/play native 4K HDR content when possible
  • Use latest HDMI cables and ports like HDMI 2.0a/HDMI 2.1
  • Set Backlight to Max and disable Power Saving modes
  • Choose HDR picture modes like HDR Vivid or HDR Natural
  • Turn off sharpness and noise reduction features
  • Enable HDMI Enhanced signal format for media devices
  • Update TV firmware and source devices for HDR optimizations

So in summary, enabling HDR mode unlocks your Hisense 4K TV’s full color, contrast and brightness capabilities. It can make a big improvement to picture quality when playing properly formatted HDR video content. Turn it on or off easily using the remote control or mobile app in the picture settings menu.