How to Unlock and Obtain New Weapons in Team Fortress 2 Game

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) features a wide variety of weapons that can be unlocked and obtained to customize your gameplay. Here is a comprehensive guide on the different methods to get new weapons in TF2.

Random Drops

The most common way to obtain new weapons in TF2 is through the random drop system.

  • You have a chance to get a random weapon or cosmetic item each week by just playing the game.
  • The drop rate is around 1% chance per minute of in-game time.
  • Drops are completely random – you could get a weapon for any class.
  • You can get around 10-12 drops per week before reaching the weekly limit. The limit resets every Thursday.

So just by playing TF2 regularly, you will slowly unlock new weapons over time through random drops.


Another method is crafting weapons or cosmetics using combinations of scrap metal.

  • You obtain scrap metal from smelting down duplicate weapons you have received.
  • Certain combinations of scrap metal and class tokens can be used to craft specific weapons.
  • Crafting provides a targeted way to unlock weapons, but requires metal which takes time to accumulate.

Check out sites like TF2Crafting to find crafting recipes for the weapon you want.


Completing certain achievements for each class will also unlock new weapons.

  • Most classes have 3 achievements milestones – completing enough achievements in that class will unlock a new weapon.
  • Achievement milestones are a reliable way to unlock new weapons by playing that specific class.
  • Later achievements tend to be more difficult, so this method slows down over time.

Check the Achievements page for each class to see the weapons unlocked at each milestone.


Trading with other players is the fastest way to unlock new weapons.

  • Sites like allow you to trade your duplicate weapons for ones you still need.
  • More valuable weapons can be traded for metal or other items on sites like
  • Trading completed achievements items is not allowed, so those weapons must be earned.

Trading requires no random chance or grind, so you can rapidly unlock weapons. But it does require you to have items to trade with.


You can also purchase weapons and cosmetics directly from the Mann Co Store.

  • Most normal weapons can be bought for under a dollar. Cosmetics are more expensive.
  • Buying items with real money is quick and simple but can get expensive over time.
  • Make sure to compare Mann Co prices with trading sites first to get the best deal.

Purchasing items is reliable but trading tends to be far cheaper in most cases.

Limited Time Events

Occasionally limited time events will allow you to unlock special weapons.

  • Events like Scream Fortress and Smissmas may have exclusive reskin weapons from contracts or gifts.
  • Completing contracts during events like Gun Mettle can unlock skinned weapon cases.
  • These events only come around annually so the weapons are time-limited.

Make sure to check out any special TF2 events annually to get exclusive and rare weapon reskins.

Finding New Weapons

Once you obtain a new weapon, it will simply appear in your backpack.

  • Equip new weapons through the loadout screen by selecting them in their weapon slot.
  • Test out new weapons in offline practice mode to understand their stats and effects.
  • Read up on advice online regarding the strength of new weapons and recommended loadouts per class.

Experiment with new weapons to find ones that best suit your playstyle and the class you enjoy playing as.

What Next?

  • Continue playing regularly to accumulate more weekly random drops over time.
  • Work towards completing achievement milestones for your main classes.
  • Trade duplicate weapons for new ones you are still missing.
  • Save up metal and craft new weapons you want through blueprints.
  • Check websites for upcoming seasonal events and contracts.

Following this guide, you will steadily unlock an arsenal of new weapons and options to customize your TF2 experience! Let me know if you have any other questions.