How to Cancel and Close Your Grubhub Food Delivery Account

Grubhub is a popular food delivery service that allows you to order food for delivery or pickup from local restaurants. While it can be convenient, you may eventually want to cancel your Grubhub account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Grubhub account and Grubhub+ membership.

Cancel Your Grubhub+ Membership

If you have a paid Grubhub+ membership, you’ll need to cancel that first before closing your Grubhub account.

On the Grubhub Website

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner
  3. Select “Grubhub+” from the dropdown menu
  4. Click on “Cancel Membership”
  5. Select a reason for canceling
  6. Click “Continue Cancellation”

In the Grubhub Mobile App

  1. Open the Grubhub app and log into your account
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Tap on “Grubhub+”
  4. Tap on “Cancel Membership”
  5. Select a reason and confirm the cancellation

Once you cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of the current billing period.

Close Your Grubhub Account

Once you’ve canceled your paid membership, you can fully close your Grubhub account. Note: This deletes all account data and is irreversible.

  1. Go to Grubhub’s Account Deletion page
  2. Click on “Submit Request”
  3. Read the warning and select “Delete”
  4. Wait for a confirmation email that your account has been deleted

It can take up to 45 days for Grubhub to fully delete all personal data from closed accounts. You may still have access during this time.

Alternative Food Delivery Services

If you still want food delivery after closing your Grubhub account, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Uber Eats – Easy to use app with a large restaurant selection
  • DoorDash – Offers pickup and delivery from local restaurants
  • Postmates – Lets you order just about anything for delivery
  • Slice – Focuses specifically on pizza delivery
  • EatStreet – Supports local and independent restaurants
  • Caviar – High-end restaurant delivery

Take some time to compare fees, restaurant choices, delivery range, and ease of use to find the best food delivery service for your needs.

FAQs About Closing Grubhub Accounts

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about canceling Grubhub accounts:

Is it hard to close my Grubhub account?

No, closing your Grubhub account is very straightforward. Just submit the account deletion request and wait for confirmation.

Can I delete Grubhub without contacting support?

Yes, you can delete your Grubhub account directly through their website without contacting customer service.

What happens to my data when I close my Grubhub account?

Grubhub deletes all personal data associated with closed accounts. This includes order history, saved addresses, and payment methods.

Can I reopen my Grubhub account after deleting it?

No, once a Grubhub account has been deleted it cannot be recovered or reopened with the same credentials. You would have to create an entirely new account.

Does canceling Grubhub affect my Grubhub+ membership?

No, you can cancel just your Grubhub+ membership without deleting your overall Grubhub account and profile.

What if I only want to temporarily deactivate my Grubhub account?

Unfortunately Grubhub does not offer a temporary deactivation feature. You either have to fully close your account or keep it open.


  • Cancel Grubhub+ membership first if you have it
  • Use the Grubhub website to permanently close your account
  • All account data is deleted after closure and cannot be recovered
  • Consider alternatives like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Postmates
  • Cancellation is irreversible, so be sure before deleting your account

Canceling and closing a Grubhub account is simple. Just follow the steps outlined to cancel your membership and submit the permanent account deletion request. Be sure to choose a new food delivery service if you still want meals delivered after closing Grubhub.