How to View and Read Twitter Posts Flagged as Sensitive Content

Twitter allows users to post a wide range of content, including some sensitive media like nudity, graphic violence, and sexual content. However, to protect users who may not wish to see it, Twitter places this content behind warnings.

If you come across posts marked as “sensitive,” you have the option to view them or keep scrolling. Here is everything you need to know about viewing sensitive content on Twitter.

What is Considered Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Twitter groups sensitive content into a few categories:

  • Graphic violence: Media showing blood, gore, or serious physical harm.
  • Adult nudity: Images showing nudity or mature themes.
  • Sexual content: Media with sexual acts or themes.
  • Gratuitous gore: Excessively graphic or gory content.

Some types of sensitive media are never allowed on Twitter, like violent sexual assault, bestiality, or necrophilia.

Why Does Twitter Flag Sensitive Content?

The main reason Twitter flags certain posts is to give users a choice about viewing them. Sensitive content warnings allow people to opt-in or out of seeing certain media.

Twitter also restricts particularly graphic or mature media to protect minors on the platform. Users under 18 cannot view adult or violent content unless parental controls are disabled.

How to View Sensitive Tweets on Twitter

When you come across a post marked as sensitive, you’ll see a warning covering the media that says something like “This media may contain sensitive content.”

To view the post, simply click or tap the “View” button. You’ll then be able to see the Tweet without restrictions.

If you want to permanently disable sensitive media warnings in your feed, you can change this in your Twitter settings:

  1. Click your profile icon > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety
  2. Under the “Content you see” section, check the box next to “Display media that may contain sensitive content”

Once you enable this setting, you’ll be able to view all Tweets without warnings about sensitive content.

How to See Sensitive Content in Twitter Search

By default, Twitter hides tweets with sensitive media from search results. But you can view this content in search by:

  1. Going to
  2. Under “Search settings,” uncheck the box next to “Hide sensitive content”

After making this change, your Twitter searches will show results with sensitive media instead of hiding them.

Should I Report Sensitive Tweets That Break Twitter’s Rules?

While Twitter allows adult and graphic content in many cases, some sensitive media does violate its policies.

You should report tweets that depict:

  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Non-consensual nudity
  • Violent sexual assault
  • Bestiality, necrophilia
  • Excessively graphic gore

To report a tweet, click the “More” icon > Report Tweet. Select the relevant option when asked why you’re reporting the post.

Be Responsible When Viewing Sensitive Content

Twitter allows people to share a variety of content, but that doesn’t mean all of it is appropriate. Be mindful of who can see your screen if you view sensitive tweets in public.

It’s also important not to share sensitive media without the original poster’s consent. Doing so could constitute harassment or privacy violations under Twitter’s rules.

When used properly, Twitter can foster important conversations about complex topics. But we all have a responsibility to be compassionate, open-minded, and respectful of others.

In Summary

  • Twitter flags certain mature or graphic media as “sensitive” to give users a choice about seeing it
  • You can view sensitive tweets by tapping the “View” button on warning covers
  • Disable warnings entirely from the “Content you see” settings
  • Use search settings to view sensitive results
  • Report content violating Twitter’s policies, like assault or exploitation
  • Be responsible when viewing or sharing graphic content

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how to access sensitive posts on Twitter! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you for the additional context. Based on the sources provided, here is a summary:

To view sensitive content on Twitter that is flagged with warnings:

  1. On the mobile app or website, go to your account settings by clicking your profile picture or the “More” icon.
  2. Select “Settings and privacy” then go to “Privacy and safety.”
  3. Under “Content you see,” check the box next to “Display media that may contain sensitive content.” This will disable warnings.

Alternatively, you can view sensitive tweets individually by clicking the “View” button on warning covers for each post.

To see sensitive content in Twitter search results, go to the “Content you see” settings and under “Search settings,” uncheck “Hide sensitive content.”

Some types of graphic content like violent assault are never allowed on Twitter. You should report tweets that violate policies using the reporting option on posts.

When viewing sensitive posts, be mindful of your surroundings and do not share graphic media without permission to avoid privacy issues or harassment claims.

I’m happy to provide any clarification or additional details if needed! Let me know if you have any other questions.