Galaxy S9/S9+ – How to Move Files to SD Card for Extra Storage

Key takeaways:

  • The Galaxy S9 and S9+ come with 64GB of base storage, expandable up to 400GB with a microSD card
  • You can easily move photos, videos, music and some apps to the SD card to free up internal storage
  • Use the My Files app to transfer files between internal storage and SD card
  • Enable saving photos and videos directly to the SD card in Camera settings
  • Back up important data to a computer or cloud storage as SD cards can be lost or damaged

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are powerful smartphones packed with advanced features like Quad HD displays, Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, and sophisticated cameras. It’s no surprise that users often store a large number of media files on these devices. But what happens when you start running out of storage space?

Don’t worry – both the S9 and S9+ support expandable storage via microSD card up to 400GB. With a few simple steps, you can move your files to the SD card and free up valuable space on your phone’s internal storage. Let’s dive in and see how it’s done!

Check Your Storage

First, let’s see how much storage you have to work with. In the US, the base storage for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is 64GB. This is already quite generous, but you can expand it further with a microSD card.

To check your current storage usage:

  1. Go to Settings > Device maintenance
  2. Tap on Storage

Here you’ll see a breakdown of what’s taking up space – apps, images, videos, audio, documents, and more. This will give you an idea of what you can move to the SD card.

Insert the SD Card

If you haven’t already, it’s time to insert your microSD card:

  1. Use the ejector tool that came with your phone (or a paperclip) to open the card tray
  2. Place the microSD card gently into the tray
  3. Push the tray back into the phone until it clicks into place

Your phone will automatically detect the card and prepare it for use.

Move Files with My Files

Samsung’s built-in My Files app makes it easy to manage your files and transfer them to the SD card:

  1. Open the My Files app (if you can’t find it, look in the Samsung folder)
  2. Navigate to the file or folder you want to move
  3. Tap and hold to select it, then choose either Move or Copy from the bottom options
  4. Select your SD card as the destination
  5. Tap Done to start the transfer

You can move photos, videos, music, documents – pretty much anything that doesn’t need to run from internal storage. Some apps can also be moved, but this varies by app.

Save Directly to SD Card

For new photos and videos, you can set your camera to save them directly to the SD card:

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Scroll down to Storage location
  4. Select your SD card

From now on, any pictures or videos you take will be stored on the SD card, saving your internal storage.

A Word of Caution

While an SD card is great for expanding storage, it’s important to remember that it’s not as secure as internal storage. SD cards can be lost, damaged, or corrupted more easily.

For irreplaceable files, it’s best to keep them on internal storage or back them up to a computer or cloud storage service. Think of the SD card as overflow for less critical data.


With the simple steps outlined above, you can make the most of your Galaxy S9 or S9+’s expandable storage. Moving files to the SD card is a quick and easy way to free up space without deleting your precious memories or important documents.

Just remember to handle your SD card carefully and always keep backups of your most valuable data. With that in mind, enjoy the extra breathing room for your phone!


How much storage does the Galaxy S9 have?

The base model of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ comes with 64GB of internal storage in the US. Some regions also have 128GB and 256GB options.

What size SD card can I use?

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ support microSD cards up to 400GB in capacity. Make sure to get a card from a reputable brand for best performance and reliability.

Can I move apps to the SD card?

Some apps can be moved to the SD card, but not all. It depends on how the app was designed. You can check if an app can be moved by going to Settings > Apps, selecting the app, and looking for a Storage option.

What happens if I remove the SD card?

If you remove the SD card, any files or apps stored on it will become unavailable. The phone will warn you if you try to remove the card while it’s in use. Always unmount the card properly before removing it by going to Settings > Storage > SD card > More options > Storage settings > Unmount.

Can I encrypt my SD card?

Yes, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer the option to encrypt the SD card for added security. Keep in mind that an encrypted card will only work in the phone that encrypted it. If you encrypt the card, you’ll need to decrypt it before using it in another device.