How to Access Your 1099 Tax Form From the DoorDash Driver App

Key Takeaways:

  • DoorDash drivers receive a 1099-NEC form for tax purposes as independent contractors
  • The 1099 form can be accessed through the Stripe Express account linked to your DoorDash account
  • Drivers who earn less than $600 in a year may not receive a 1099 form but still need to report their income

As a DoorDash driver, it’s essential to understand your tax obligations and how to access the necessary forms to file your taxes accurately. One of the most important documents you’ll need is your 1099 tax form, which reports your earnings from DoorDash for the year. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to access your 1099 form directly from the DoorDash driver app.

Understanding the 1099 Form

DoorDash classifies its drivers as independent contractors, which means you are responsible for paying your own taxes. As an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) form instead of the traditional W-2 form given to employees. The 1099-NEC form reports your total earnings from DoorDash for the tax year.

It’s important to note that DoorDash is only required to send you a 1099 form if you earned $600 or more during the tax year. However, even if you earned less than $600, you are still responsible for reporting your DoorDash income on your tax return.

Accessing Your 1099 Form Through Stripe Express

DoorDash partners with Stripe, a payment processing platform, to manage driver payouts and tax information. To access your 1099 form, you’ll need to create a Stripe Express account if you haven’t already done so. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to your DoorDash driver account through the app or website
  2. Navigate to the “Earnings” tab and select “Tax Information”
  3. Click on the link to create your Stripe Express account
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your account and verify your identity
  5. Once your account is set up, you can access your 1099 form by logging into your Stripe Express account

Stripe will send you an email notification when your 1099 form is available, typically by the end of January following the tax year. You can choose to receive your 1099 form electronically or by mail.

What if I Didn’t Earn $600 or More?

If you earned less than $600 from DoorDash during the tax year, you may not receive a 1099 form. However, you are still required to report your DoorDash earnings on your tax return. To find your total earnings for the year, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DoorDash driver account
  2. Go to the “Earnings” tab
  3. Select the “Yearly Summary” option
  4. Choose the relevant tax year to view your total earnings

You’ll need to report this income on your tax return, even if you don’t receive a 1099 form from DoorDash.

Tips for DoorDash Driver Taxes

  • Keep accurate records of your earnings and expenses throughout the year
  • Track your mileage for business purposes, as you may be able to deduct these costs
  • Consider setting aside a portion of your earnings to cover your estimated tax payments
  • Consult with a tax professional if you have questions or need assistance filing your taxes

By understanding how to access your 1099 form and properly reporting your DoorDash earnings, you can ensure that you stay compliant with your tax obligations as an independent contractor.


When will I receive my DoorDash 1099 form?

DoorDash will typically make your 1099 form available by January 31st following the tax year. You will receive an email notification from Stripe when your form is ready to be accessed through your Stripe Express account.

What if I didn’t receive an email from Stripe about my 1099?

If you believe you should have received a 1099 form but didn’t get an email from Stripe, first check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still can’t find the email, log in to your Stripe Express account directly to check if your 1099 form is available. If you continue to have issues, contact DoorDash support for assistance.

Can I access my 1099 form if I no longer drive for DoorDash?

Yes, even if you are no longer an active DoorDash driver, you can still access your 1099 form for the tax years in which you earned income from DoorDash. Simply log in to your Stripe Express account to download your form.