How to Add and Insert Sticky Notes in Miro Board

Miro is a popular online whiteboard platform that allows teams to visually collaborate and brainstorm ideas. One of the most commonly used features in Miro are sticky notes. Sticky notes provide a simple yet effective way to capture ideas, take notes, and organize information.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the various ways you can add and insert sticky notes in Miro:

Getting Started with Sticky Notes

To get started with using sticky notes in Miro, open or create a new board. On the left sidebar, click on the “Sticky notes” icon (it looks like a square with the bottom right corner folded). This will enable the sticky notes tool.

You can now click anywhere on the board to instantly add a sticky note. The default size is medium but you can make it smaller or larger using the resize handles on the bottom right corner.

Ways to Add a Sticky Note

There are several ways to add sticky notes to your Miro board:

1. Sidebar Icon

The easiest way is to select the sticky note icon from the left sidebar tools. Just click it and sticky notes will be enabled – then click on the board to insert one wherever you want.

2. Keyboard Shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut N to instantly enable sticky notes without having to go to the sidebar. Then click to add one.

3. Right Click Menu

Right click anywhere on the board and select the Add sticky note option to insert one.

4. Drag and Drop

Click and drag the sticky note icon from the sidebar tools onto the board area to add one. Position it where you want.

Organizing Sticky Notes

Once you have added multiple sticky notes, keep your board neat by organizing them:

1. Resize

Use the resize handle to make sticky notes smaller or larger based on the amount of content.

2. Auto Layout

Select multiple stickies and click the 4-dot icon to evenly distribute them in organized rows and columns.

3. Filter and Search

Use filters and search to quickly locate specific sticky notes based on color, text, tags etc.

4. Linking

Connect two sticky notes by clicking and dragging from one note to another to show relationships.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for working effectively with Miro sticky notes:

  • Use different colors to categorize groups of sticky notes
  • Add images and attachments to sticky notes
  • Install the sticky notes packs from Miroverse for templates
  • Use tags and links to connect sticky notes
  • Embed sticky notes in a text box for more writing space
  • Import sticky notes from other boards or tools


Sticky notes enable real-time collaboration in Miro. Multiple team members can add, edit, organize, and discuss sticky notes together on the same board from anywhere.

Enable edits for other members and @mention them on sticky notes when you want their input. Comment on a sticky note to start a discussion thread. You can also attach reactions to provide quick feedback.

So that’s a comprehensive guide on how to add, insert, organize, and collaborate with sticky notes inside Miro! With some practice, sticky notes can become an invaluable part of your team’s workflows.