How to Add, Edit or Change Text in TikTok Videos

Adding text to your TikTok videos can help make them more engaging, informative, and accessible. With TikTok’s built-in text editor, it’s easy to add stylized text overlays to enhance your content. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add, edit, and customize text in your TikTok videos using best practices.

Getting Started with TikTok’s Text Editor

TikTok’s text editing tool allows you to add text overlays to your videos with just a few taps. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and either record a new video or select an existing clip you want to edit.
  2. Once you enter the editing screen, tap the “Text” icon (Aa) in the top right corner.
  3. Type your desired text on the screen. You can drag it around to position it.
  4. Customize the look of the text using the formatting options for fonts, colors, alignment, etc.
  5. Tap “Done” when finished.

From there you can further edit the duration and timing of the text before posting your TikTok video.

Customizing and Formatting Your Text Overlays

TikTok gives you lots of formatting options to make your text overlays stand out:

Fonts and Typography: Choose from a variety of font styles and sizes. Use highlights, italic, bold, or add outlines to make key text pop.

Colors: Select font colors to contrast or coordinate with your video’s visuals. Use the color dots at the top of the keyboard.

Alignment: Center, left-align, or right-align your text. Use the alignment icons on the left side of the text editor.

Backgrounds: Add colored block backgrounds behind your text to make it more readable on busy video footage.

Duration: Choose when you want text to appear and disappear using the adjustable duration slider.

Text to Speech: Have TikTok’s built-in text-to-speech tool automatically read your text captions aloud.

By experimenting with these options, you can create stylized and eye-catching text overlays tailored to your branding and messaging needs.

Tips for Adding Effective Text to TikTok Videos

When adding text to your TikTok videos, follow these best practices to create polished, professional-looking content:

Keep it short and concise. Given TikTok’s fast-paced nature, use brief text that can be read quickly. Prioritize your main message.

Use key moments. Time text to emphasize important moments. For example, a key stat or quote.

Match text timing to audio. Sync text appearance to background music beats or vocals for added dynamics.

Include captions for accessibility. Add text transcripts to aid viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Enhance video titles. Consider using the text tool to create opening titles and improve video SEO.

Highlight user-generated content. Overlay text like “Via @username” to properly attribute TikTok clips.

Add emojis and symbols. Emojis help convey tone and make text overlays more lively and engaging.

Proofread before posting. Double check text for spelling and grammar errors which can undermine video quality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing Existing Text

Need to tweak text you’ve already added to your TikTok video? With just a few taps, you can edit overlay text after the fact:

  1. Tap the text overlay on your video preview to open the text editing menu.
  2. Select “Edit text.”
  3. Modify the text using the keyboard and formatting tools.
  4. Tap “Done” when finished updating the text.
  5. Adjust duration and timing of the text overlay as needed.
  6. Preview changes before posting or saving changes.

It’s easy to fix typos, update captions, or refresh old text overlays that are out of date. TikTok lets you revise text without having to completely re-edit a full video.

Expert Tricks for Advanced Text Effects

Once you get the hang of TikTok’s text editing tool, try these pro tips to step up your text overlay game:

  • Layer multiple text boxes to create visual interest and dimension. Play with color blocking.
  • Use transparency settings to overlay text elegantly on busy footage.
  • Animate text entrances and exits using duration adjustments to make words appear sequentially.
  • Coordinate fonts with brand style for cohesive marketing videos.
  • Employ text shadows and outlines for 3D effects. Use contrasts sparingly.
  • Apply the “Typewriter” font to mimic a typing effect. Pair with appropriate sounds.
  • Simulate handwriting with cursive and script fonts for a personal touch.

TikTok’s text editor is robust and gives creators plenty of options for creating text overlays that wow and delight viewers.

Why Text Overlays Are Key for TikTok Videos

Text is more than just a supplementary design element on TikTok. Implemented thoughtfully, text overlays can significantly improve audience engagement and content performance.

Boost Accessibility: Adding text transcripts aids viewers with disabilities and makes sound-dependent videos more inclusive.

Enhance SEO: Text overlays present opportunities to incorporate strategic keywords and optimize TikTok videos for better search visibility.

Increase Clarity: Text can provide vital context and clarify confusing visuals that are open to misinterpretation.

Drive Traffic: Use text overlays to promote links directing viewers to websites or other social profiles.

Attribute Content: Properly credit creators and content via text overlays to foster collaboration not theft.

Share Key Messages: Text cuts through the noise to highlight core ideas, statistics, quotes, and calls-to-action.

Great TikTok videos inform, educate, entertain, inspire, or make viewers laugh. Text overlays help content creators amplify videos’ messaging for greater impact.

Final Tips for Adding Text to Your Next TikTok

Ready to jump into TikTok’s text editor on your next video? Keep these final tips in mind:

  • Text should enhance videos, not overwhelm them. Use text thoughtfully as one creative element among many.
  • Take advantage of text formatting options, but don’t go overboard. Consistent branding is key.
  • Time text carefully to match natural pauses, music cues, and video action.
  • Preview text overlays in action before posting to ensure proper placement and timing.
  • Proofread text overlays to prevent errors which undermine video quality and brand professionalism.

TikTok empowers creators. With the platform’s user-friendly text editing tools, you can produce captivating videos that educate and entertain audiences far and wide.

So tap into the text overlay feature on your next TikTok upload. Well-executed text can profoundly expand videos’ creative possibilities and impact. Just have fun with it!