How to Appear With a Blank Name in Online Game Among Us

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game where players take on the role of crewmates on a spaceship, trying to identify imposters sabotaging the mission. A key tactic in the game is to go unnoticed as an imposter or hide your identity as a crewmate. One way players try to achieve this is by changing their in-game name to be blank or invisible.

Appearing with a blank name in Among Us can be advantageous but also comes with some caveats. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, including:

Why Have a Blank Name in Among Us

There are a few key reasons why players attempt to use blank or invisible names in Among Us:

1. Avoid Suspicion as an Imposter

As an imposter sabotaging the spaceship, you want to avoid drawing suspicion to yourself. A blank name makes you harder to identify when committing sabotage or eliminating crewmates. This allows you to move about unseen.

2. Hide Your Identity as a Crewmate

Crewmates may also want to hide their identity, especially if they discover evidence against an imposter. A blank name protects you from being singled out for retaliation by the imposter.

3. Gain a Tactical Advantage

Overall, a blank name makes it harder for other players to track your whereabouts and activities during the match. This hands you a tactical advantage whether you are imposter or crewmate.

How to Get a Blank Name in Different Game Modes

The ability to appear with a blank or invisible name depends on the game mode you are playing:

Local Play

In local play mode, you can copy and paste a special blank space Unicode character as your name. This renders your name invisible to other players in the match.

To get a blank name in local play:

  1. Copy this blank space character: “ᅠ” (without quotation marks)
  2. Paste it into the name field when setting up your character

Online Play

Online servers now block blank names, making it impossible to be completely invisible. However, you can use special Unicode characters like a period to appear almost blank.

To get an almost blank name in online play:

  1. Copy this tiny period: “ᆞ” (without quotation marks)
  2. Paste it into the name field when setting up your online character

This makes your name very difficult but not impossible to see during a match.

Other Game Modes

In game modes like Hide n Seek where killing is disabled, being completely invisible with a blank name gives you an extremely unfair advantage. Most Hide n Seek servers ban blank names to keep things fair.

Checking the rules of the specific online game you join is always advisable.

Drawbacks of a Blank Name in Among Us

While tempting, appearing with a blank name in Among Us does come with some downsides:

Limited to Specific Game Modes

As covered above, the ability to appear blank is restricted to local play or online with limitations. If you frequently play public online matches, a blank name is not possible.

Increased Suspicion

Ironically, while a blank name is intended not to draw suspicion, some players consider it suspicious in itself. You may draw accusations just for having an invisible name.

Perceived as Cheating

In game modes where being completely unseen is considered cheating, players and moderators may ban you if using a blank name. This limits the matches you can join.

Reduced Account Security

Linking your blank name to an account profile helps secure your progress in the game. However, a blank name makes it harder to recover access if you forget credentials or get hacked.

Tips for Using a Blank Name

If you do opt to appear blank, here are some tips:

  • Verify blank names are allowed in the game mode you are playing
  • Use a tiny Unicode character for online instead of being completely blank
  • Avoid publicly accusing others while blank as this draws suspicion
  • Link your blank name to an account profile for added security


A blank name can provide tactical advantages in Among Us by making you harder to identify and track. However, limitations apply depending on game mode and perceived fairness. Balance the pros and cons when considering whether an invisible name aligns with your gameplay style and priorities.

With the techniques covered in this guide, you now know how to appear with a blank name in both local and online play. Use this newfound stealth to your advantage as you seek to eliminate imposters or sabotage missions!

Just remember to avoid cheating accusations by checking rules in each match you join. And never sacrifice account security, even for an invisible name.