How to Assign Administrator Privileges in Garry’s Mod Game

Garry’s Mod (GMod) is a popular sandbox game that allows players to manipulate objects and experiment with physics. As a server owner, you may want to assign administrator (admin) privileges to trusted players to help moderate your server. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add admins in GMod.

What is an Admin in GMod

An admin in GMod refers to a player with elevated privileges to execute commands and mods that allow them to monitor, configure, and administer a GMod server. Common admin privileges include:

  • Kicking or banning troublesome players
  • Changing maps
  • Configuring gameplay settings
  • Spawning items/vehicles
  • Teleporting players
  • Freezing players
  • Access to admin chat

Having responsible admins is crucial to maintaining order and ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience on your server.


Before assigning admin privileges, make sure you have:

  • Installed and enabled ULX admin mod – ULX is the most popular admin mod that lets you manage permissions.
  • Know your SteamID – Your SteamID uniquely identifies you as the server owner.
  • Decided on admin command groups – ULX has predefined admin tiers (e.g. superadmin, admin).

Adding Yourself as Admin

Follow these steps to add yourself as a superadmin:

  1. Open the server.cfg file located in garrysmod/cfg folder.
  2. Add the following lines with your SteamID:
        "group" "superadmin"
  1. Save the file and restart your server.

You should now have access to all admin commands!

Granting Admin to Other Players

To add someone else as an admin:

  1. Get their SteamID from SteamIDFinder
  2. Add their SteamID to server.cfg under the same format as yours.
  3. Assign them to the desired admin group e.g. "group" "admin".
  4. Save the file and restart your server.

They will now have the permissions of that admin group.

Managing Admin Permissions

As a superadmin, you can restrict permissions of other admins via ULX menu:

  1. Open menu by typing !menu in chat.
  2. Go to Groups tab.
  3. Select the admin group (e.g. Admin).
  4. Restrict commands under Access Control.

For example, you may prevent admins from spawning certain weapons or vehicles.

Revoking Admin Status

To revoke admin status from a player:

  1. Open server.cfg file
  2. Remove their SteamID section
  3. Save and restart server

Their privileges will be reset to a normal user.


Assigning trusted players as admins will allow you to effectively moderate your growing GMod server. Use the ULX menu to control what admins can or cannot do. Revoke admin status from inactive or abusive admins. With the right admins, you can maintain a fun and vibrant gaming community!