How to Banish Pesky Link Previews from Discord Chats

Key takeaways:

  • Link previews can clutter Discord chats and make conversations hard to follow
  • You can easily disable link previews for your own messages by surrounding links with < >
  • Server admins can disable link previews for an entire channel or server by adjusting permissions
  • Markdown formatting can be used to make links more readable without showing previews

Why Link Previews Can Be Annoying

Discord’s link previews are a handy feature that lets you see a snippet of the content behind a URL before clicking on it. However, in a busy chat, these previews can quickly become overwhelming, pushing the actual conversation off the screen.

When multiple people are sharing links, the chat can end up looking more like a series of ads than a discussion. Even worse, some of the preview images may be NSFW, disrupting the flow of conversation.

Quick Fix: Disable Previews for Your Own Links

The easiest way to avoid contributing to link preview clutter is to disable them for links you share. Simply surround the URL with < > and Discord will show it as a plain link with no preview.

For example, instead of pasting:


The link will still be clickable, but won’t generate a preview. This is a great solution if you just want to quickly share a link without all the extra fluff.

Server-Wide Solution: Disable Link Previews in Permissions

If you’re a server admin, you can take more drastic measures by turning off link previews for an entire channel or the whole server. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Server Settings and go to the Roles tab
  2. Select the @everyone role
  3. Scroll down to the Text Permissions section
  4. Turn off the “Embed Links” permission

Now, no one will be able to post links with previews in the server. If you only want to disable previews in certain channels, you can instead edit the permissions for individual channels.

Keep in mind that this will prevent all link previews, even from people who might be using them appropriately. It’s a bit of a nuclear option, so you may want to discuss it with your community before implementing it.

Formatting Links for Readability

Of course, sometimes you want people to actually click your links. In that case, you can use some simple Markdown formatting to make your link text more informative and enticing.

Instead of a bare URL, format your link like this:

[Article: How to Banish Pesky Link Previews](

This will show up as:
Article: How to Banish Pesky Link Previews

The link is still clickable, but the text provides context for what the link is about. You can use this technique to clearly label what kind of content is behind a link, like [Video], [Image], [Tweet], etc.

Embrace the Minimalism

At the end of the day, the best way to keep link previews from taking over is to simply post fewer links. Before sharing a URL, ask yourself:

  • Is this link directly relevant to the current conversation?
  • Will most people in the chat actually want to click on this?
  • Can I summarize the content of the link instead of making people click through?

If a link doesn’t pass those tests, consider skipping it or sharing it through another channel. Keeping chats focused and on-topic makes for a better experience for everyone.


How do I disable link previews for a single message?

Surround the link with < > and Discord will display it as a plain URL with no preview.

Can I disable link previews for an entire channel?

Yes, if you’re a server admin you can turn off the “Embed Links” permission for specific channels.

Will disabling “Embed Links” hide all images in chat?

No, this setting only affects images that are part of link previews. Images uploaded directly to Discord will still display normally.

What if I want to share a link but make the text different?

You can use Markdown formatting to make the link text say whatever you want while still linking to the URL. For example: Click here for cute puppies!

I disabled link previews but I miss them now. How do I turn them back on?

Simply edit the channel or server permissions again and re-enable the “Embed Links” option. You can also selectively re-enable it for certain roles if you want more granular control.