How To Blur Photo Backgrounds in VSCO Camera App

The VSCO camera app is a popular mobile photo and video editing app available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers a range of powerful editing tools and creative filters to enhance your photos.

Accessing the Blur Tool in VSCO

Unfortunately, VSCO does not have a built-in option to blur photo backgrounds. However, VSCO recently launched a new Blur tool for VSCO X members using the iOS app. Here is how you can access and use the Blur tool in VSCO on iOS:

  • Open the VSCO app and tap on the (+) icon to launch your Studio
  • Select a photo you want to edit
  • Tap “Edit” at the bottom to open editing tools
  • Select the “Blur” icon in the toolbar
  • Choose either “Circular” or “Linear” blur
  • Use your fingers to define the focal point and adjust blur strength

So the Blur tool allows you to creatively blur different parts of an image. You can spotlight subjects by blurring the background or create other artistic effects.

Recommended Apps to Blur Backgrounds

Since background blur isn’t available in the free VSCO app, here are some recommended third-party apps you can use instead:


AfterFocus lets you create DSLR-style photos with blurred backgrounds easily. You simply outline the area you want in focus. It offers different blur modes like lens blur and zoom blur to choose from.


PicsArt has various blur effects built-in, including normal blur, focal blur, and motion blur. You can precisely control the blur intensity and area.

Blur Photo Editor

This app is designed specifically for blurring backgrounds in your iPhone photos. There are options like linear, radial, and tilt-shift blur to experiment with.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect has a one-touch AI feature that can instantly identify subjects and blur backgrounds with a single tap.

Tips for Blurring Backgrounds

Here are some useful tips to help you blur backgrounds more effectively:

  • Use portrait mode on iPhone models with dual cameras to mimic shallow depth of field and background blur.
  • Frame shots so there is good separation between the subject and background. More distance allows for more background blur.
  • Shoot subjects with telephoto or zoom lenses. The narrower field of view helps throw backgrounds out of focus.
  • Use wide aperture values like f/1.8 or f/2.8 if your smartphone camera supports it. Wider apertures significantly reduce depth of field.
  • Add motion blur effects to make moving backgrounds appear more blurred.
  • Mask out complex or irregularly shaped subjects accurately when applying blur effects.

Creative Uses for Background Blur

Creatively blurring backgrounds opens up lots of possibilities for unique photos and effects, such as:

  • Emphasizing subjects by selectively blurring distracting or cluttered backgrounds
  • Isolating the main subject from a busy scene to make it stand out
  • Drawing attention to a particular part of an image by leaving it sharp
  • Infusing a sense of speed or movement by adding motion blur to backgrounds
  • Producing a shallow depth of field effect to mimic the look of DSLR portrait shots
  • Applying tilt-shift style miniaturization effects by strategically blurring foregrounds and backgrounds

Combining VSCO and Other Apps

The VSCO app offers a great range of filters and editing tools for enhancing your mobile photos. You can combine it with third-party background blur apps to take your iPhone photography to the next level.

For example, use VSCO to fine-tune exposure, colors, and moods of your photos. Then jump over to an app like AfterFocus to artistically blur backgrounds using different techniques.

This kind of app integration gives you immense creative flexibility when editing images on your iPhone.

Final Words

While VSCO itself doesn’t allow blurring backgrounds, it’s easy to achieve this effect using specialized third-party apps. Carefully applying background blur can really make your mobile photography stand out.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to shoot and edit pro-level portraits and artistic photos straight from your iPhone’s camera roll.

So explore all the possibilities and find an app that suits your personal photography needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with creative blur effects to take your VSCO edits to the next level!