How to Get Yellow Color Display Name on Steam Platform

Steam is one of the largest gaming platforms with over 120 million monthly active users. Having a unique and colorful display name can help you stand out from the crowd. In this comprehensive guide, I will explain multiple methods to get a yellow display name on Steam.

What Does Yellow Name on Steam Mean?

A yellow or golden name on Steam typically signifies something special about that user’s account. Here are some common associations with a yellow Steam name:

  • Was a Steam employee or developer
  • Won special prizes in Steam events/contests
  • Has a very old Steam account (over 15 years)
  • Got granted special profile customizations

So in most cases, a yellow name indicates the user has a special status on Steam.

How to Make Steam Name Yellow

There are a few legit ways regular Steam users can make their names appear yellow/golden to others.

Use Color Codes

You can add special color codes before your Steam custom URL or profile name to change how it displays. Here is the HTML color code for yellow that will make your Steam name appear yellow:


To do this:

  1. Go to your Steam profile
  2. Click “Edit Profile”
  3. Add <#FF0> to the start of your custom URL
  4. Save changes

Your name should now appear yellow to other users!

Pro Tip: You can experiment with other color codes like red (#F00), green (#0F0), blue (#00F), etc. to customize the color further.

Use Steam Lunar Sale Rewards

During the annual Steam Lunar New Year sale, users can earn rewards like profile customizations. In the past, Steam has given out yellow/golden names and avatars as Lunar New Year rewards.

So be on the lookout during the next Lunar sale in January/February! Complete event quests and redeem points to get a chance at yellow name rewards if they are offered again.

Use Custom Steam Skins

There are some great custom Steam skins that can recolor various elements of the Steam interface. For example, the popular Air Steam skin has an option to enable yellow accents.

To use custom skins:

  1. Download skin files
  2. Extract and add skin folder to Steam’s skins directory
  3. Restart Steam and select the skin

This will make parts of your Steam client yellow, including your profile name banner.

Why Can’t I Get Yellow Name on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck runs a customized Linux-based OS called SteamOS. This uses a read-only filesystem that prevents installing most Steam customizations like profile skins.

However, you can still use color codes with your Steam custom URL to make your name appear yellow on Deck. Just follow the steps listed earlier.

Some users have managed to install skins on Deck by enabling read-write mode, but this can cause issues with SteamOS updates. Exercise caution if attempting this method.


A yellow Steam name is a great way to stand out and show off your custom profile. Use color codes, redeem Lunar rewards, or install skin add-ons to light up your name in golden hues.

Just be aware that having a colorful name does not actually grant you any special privileges or elevated Steam status. But it can help you flex your style and long-time Steam loyalty!