How to Change and Update Your Current Roblox Username

Your Roblox username is an important part of your identity on the platform. However, you may want to change your username for various reasons – maybe you want a cooler name, made a typo when you first created your account, or just want a fresh start.

Fortunately, Roblox allows you to change your username. However, there are a few things you need to know before doing so.

The Difference Between Username and Display Name

On Roblox, you have two names:

  • Username – This is unique to your account and is used to log in. It is prefixed with “@” and can be used to identify you. Usernames cannot be changed for free – you need to pay 1000 Robux (around $10) to change it.
  • Display Name – This name is shown above your avatar in games and can be changed for free every 7 days. Display names do not need to be unique.

It’s important to understand the difference when changing your name on Roblox. This article focuses specifically on changing your unique username.

Before Changing Your Username

Before going through the process of changing your username, keep these things in mind:

  • It costs 1000 Robux – Make sure your account has enough Robux to cover this cost. If not, you’ll need to purchase more.
  • Check username availability – Search Roblox to see if your desired new username is available. If not, you’ll have to pick a different one.
  • It can only be changed once per month – After changing your username, you need to wait 30 days before doing it again. Choose wisely!

Once you’ve checked those boxes, you’re ready to change your Roblox username.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Username

Follow these simple steps to change your username on both desktop and mobile:

On Desktop

  1. Log into your Roblox account on the website
  2. Click on the settings icon (shaped like a gear) in the top right corner
  3. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu
  4. Go to the “Account Info” tab
  5. Next to your current username, click on the edit icon (shaped like a pencil)
  6. Type in your new desired username and enter your current account password
  7. Click the “Buy” button to purchase the username change for 1000 Robux

On Mobile

  1. Open the Roblox app and log into your account
  2. Tap the three dots in the bottom right to open the menu
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. Tap “Account Info”
  5. Tap the edit icon next to your current username
  6. Enter your new desired username and current password
  7. Tap “Buy” to purchase the name change

After buying the username change, your new username will now be set!

Checking Username Availability

Before settling on a new username, you can check if it’s available by:

  • Searching Roblox – Simply search for the username on the Roblox website. If no user shows up, it’s likely available.
  • Developer Forum – Make a post on the Dev Forum asking about username availability and people will let you know if it’s taken.
  • Username Checker sites – There are third-party sites that allow you to input a username and see if it’s been taken. However, these are not 100% accurate.

Taking a minute to check if the username is available first saves you the disappointment of spending your hard-earned Robux only to find your chosen name is taken.

What to Know About Inappropriate Usernames

Roblox does enforce some basic rules regarding inappropriate or offensive usernames:

  • No profanity – Usernames containing profanity or adult language will be promptly changed by Roblox.
  • No personal info – Usernames should not contain your real name, birthday, address or other personal information.
  • No impersonation – You cannot choose a username posing as a famous person or company.

Usernames that don’t follow these guidelines will be reset to something generic. So avoid anything inappropriate to prevent losing your custom username.

Display Name vs Username

As mentioned previously, your Display Name and Username are different. Here’s a quick comparison:

| Feature | Display Name | Username |
|Uniqueness|Does NOT need to be unique|MUST be 100% unique|
|Cost to change|Free|1000 Robux|
|How often can it be changed?|Once every 7 days|Once per month|
|Where is it shown? | Above your avatar in games| Login screen|

So in summary:

  • Usernames are used for logging in and uniquely identifying your account
  • Display names are shown in games and can be changed more freely

Being able to update your personal username is a great way to refresh your identity on Roblox. Just make sure to choose wisely as you only get one chance per month!

Experienced Roblox User

As an experienced Roblox user since 2009 with over 50,000 place visits, I’ve gone through my fair share of username changes. Early on, I chose silly names or just mashed my keyboard. But as I began designing more popular places, I wanted a proper username that matched my brand.

The process can seem intimidating at first, but following the steps in this guide makes it quick and painless. I always check username availability thoroughly before committing to ensure it goes smoothly.

Changing your username not only gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, but also makes it easier for fans to find and remember you. Just don’t get name change happy or you’ll burn through your Robux stash in no time!