How to Change Your Name in Fire Emblem Heroes Game

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is a popular mobile tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. As you start playing, you may want to change the default nickname the game gives you or customize the name you originally chose. Fortunately, FEH makes it easy to change your in-game name as often as you want.

Why Change Your Name

There are a few reasons you may want to change your FEH name:

  • You want to personalize the default name the game gave you (often “Kiran”)
  • You made a mistake or typo when first entering your name
  • You want to refresh your identity in the game
  • You created multiple accounts and want to tell them apart
  • You simply feel like a change

Whatever your reason, you can easily change your nickname in FEH without any major consequences.

How to Change Your Nickname

Changing your FEH nickname is simple once you know where to look. Just follow these steps:

1. Tap on “Misc”

  • Go to the bottom right of your screen and tap on the “Misc” button (looks like a gear icon).

2. Select “FAQ/Etc”

  • A green button labeled “FAQ/Etc” will appear near the bottom. Tap on it.

3. Choose “Change Nickname”

  • In the menu that pops up, you’ll see the “Change Nickname” option. Select it.

4. Enter and Confirm New Name

  • An on-screen keyboard will let you enter your new name. Type it in and press “Confirm” when finished.

And that’s it! The game will now start calling you by your new nickname. Feel free to repeat the process to change it again anytime.

Nickname Rules and Limits

While FEH gives you freedom to rename your character, there are some nickname rules and limits:

  • Your name can only be up to 12 characters long
  • You cannot use spaces or most special characters

So choose your new identity carefully within those bounds!

Changing Other Names

Aside from your main nickname, there are a couple other names you can customize in FEH:

Team Names

  • Go to “Allies” > “Edit Teams”
  • Tap on “Edit Team Name” for any of your teams
  • Enter and confirm the new name

Summoner Name

Your Summoner or Tactician character has a separate customizable name:

  • Open “Allies”
  • Select “Interact with Allies”
  • Choose “My Summoner”
  • Tap the icon next to “Hero Summoner” to change the name
  • Enter and confirm your preferred name

Why You Might See “Kiran” Everywhere

When playing FEH, you may notice the name “Kiran” popping up a lot. This name was the original default, so many players skipped personalizing it when rushing to start playing on release day.

The name also spread through popular rerolling programs that automated starting new accounts, leaving the default Kiran name in place. So don’t be surprised if you run into a sea of Kirans during your adventures!

Tips for Picking Your New Name

When choosing what to rename your FEH character, keep these tips in mind:

Be Unique

  • Stand out from the crowd by choosing a creative, uncommon name

Match Your Heroes

  • Pick a name that fits alongside the Heroes on your main team

Reference Pop Culture

  • Go for a nickname inspired by books, TV, movies, or celebrities you love

Describe Your Play Style

  • Let your name reflect how you approach battles like “TacticalMaster”

Have fun coming up with your new FEH identity! Change it as often as you want to refresh your experience.


Changing your nickname in Fire Emblem Heroes takes just a few simple taps once you know the process. You can also customize your team names and Summoner name for further personalization. So feel free to rename as needed to keep things fun and interesting.

Just stay within the 12-character limit and avoid special symbols. Get creative naming your Heroes squad and stand out as you battle other players and their armies of Kirans!