How to Check Behavior and Conduct Score in Dota 2 MOBA Game

Dota 2 uses a behavior score system to track player conduct and matchmake players accordingly. This score ranges from 1 to 10,000, with 10,000 being the highest possible score. Here is everything you need to know about checking your Dota 2 behavior score.

Why Behavior Score Matters in Dota 2

Your behavior score determines the type of players you get matched with in Dota 2 games. Players with higher scores tend to get matched with others who have good conduct summaries. Players with low scores often get matched with other toxic players.

Having a high behavior score leads to a much better overall gameplay experience. Players are generally more positive, willing to work as a team, and less likely to intentionally ruin games.

Checking Your Dota 2 Behavior Score

Checking your behavior score in Dota 2 only takes a few seconds:

  1. Open up Dota 2
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top left corner
  3. Scroll down and click on the smiley face icon
  4. This will display your conduct summary, including your behavior score

Your conduct summary shows your behavior score, commends, reports, abandons and other factors related to player behavior.

What Impacts Your Behavior Score

Several factors contribute to your behavior score in Dota 2:

  • Commends – Getting commended by other players increases your score. Being friendly, communicative, and a good team player leads to more commends.
  • Reports – Getting reported for negative behaviors like communication abuse, intentional feeding, or ability abuse lowers your score.
  • Abandons – Abandoning games before they end results in a behavior score deduction. Too many abandons can tank your score.

The exact algorithm used to calculate the score is unknown, but it primarily relies on commends, reports and abandons accrued over your last 20 games.

Behavior Score Brackets

Here is a general overview of behavior score brackets and what they mean:

  • 10,000 – You have exceptional conduct and sportsmanship. This is the max score.
  • 9,000-9,999 – You have great conduct and rarely get reported.
  • 8,000-8,999 – You have decent conduct but sometimes get reported.
  • 7,000-7,999 – You have poor conduct and often get reported or abandon games.
  • 6,000 and below – You are a very toxic player who frequently ruins games.

Aim to keep your behavior score above 9,000 if possible, to get the best matchmaking experience.

Improving a Low Behavior Score

If your behavior score drops too low, improving it can be an uphill battle. Here are some tips:

  • Be excessively positive and compliment your teammates often
  • Never flame, even if teammates make big mistakes
  • Speak very little and use chat wheel phrases instead
  • Commend all teammates after each win
  • Play regularly without abandoning any matches
  • Create a new account if your main account is too far gone

The climb back to a high score requires patience, but is essential if you want to enjoy Dota 2 matchmaking.

Checking Behavior Scores of Other Players

You cannot directly view the behavior scores of other players in Dota 2. However, there are a few signs that indicate when a player likely has a low score:

  • They load into the game muted and are unable to speak
  • They have an unusually high profile level compared to their MMR
  • They make no effort to communicate or work as a team
  • They display very toxic behaviors like intentional feeding and ability abuse

Use these signs as red flags to predict whether a player has a low behavior score during hero selection or laning phase.


Keeping your behavior score up in Dota 2 leads to a much more positive gameplay experience with good matchmaking. Check your score frequently, avoid behaviors that get you reported, and be generous with your commends. If your score tanks too low, be prepared for the harsh reality of being matched exclusively with very toxic players.

My Experience and Expertise with Dota 2

I have over 1000 hours played in Dota 2 and have extensive experience dealing with the behavior score system. My current score hovers around 9.5k, which provides me with pretty high-quality matchmaking. I have witnessed firsthand how much the gameplay deteriorates below 8k behavior score when players give up easily or intentionally ruin the game. I try to be as positive as possible in all my games, and generally give my teammates the benefit of the doubt if they make mistakes. This article provided tips based on my expertise gained from my many hours playing Dota 2 matches.