How to Check Chromecast Charging Status

Google Chromecast is a popular streaming device that allows you to cast content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to your TV. It connects via HDMI and is powered either through the wall adapter or a USB port on your TV.

Can You Charge a Chromecast?

Unlike phones or tablets, Chromecast devices do not have a battery that needs to be charged. They require a constant power source to operate, either through the included wall adapter or USB port. So checking the “charging status” does not quite apply for Chromecasts.

However, there are some indicators you can check to ensure your Chromecast is receiving consistent power:

LED Light Indicators

All Chromecast devices have an LED status light located on the side or front. This light displays different colors and patterns to indicate the power status:

  • Solid White: The Chromecast is powered on and connected to WiFi, ready to cast content
  • Pulsing White: The Chromecast is disconnected from WiFi and needs to be set up
  • Solid/Pulsing Orange: There is a connectivity issue or error with the device

If you see the orange light, try unplugging your Chromecast and plugging it back in after a few minutes. An orange light typically means inconsistent power delivery.

Using Wall Power vs TV USB

While you can power a Chromecast via your TV’s USB port, it is generally recommended to use the included wall adapter. USB ports on most TVs cannot provide enough consistent power compared to a wall outlet.

If you start seeing connectivity issues or your Chromecast randomly reboots/turns off, try switching to the wall adapter instead. This should provide consistent power.

Some newer Chromecast models like the Chromecast with Google TV require a wall outlet and cannot be powered safely via USB only.

Check for ‘Low Power’ Warnings

If your Chromecast is severely underpowered from a weak USB connection, it may display “Low Power” warnings on your TV screen. This indicates the device is not receiving enough electricity to function properly.

To fix this, switch to the included wall adapter or a more powerful USB charger. The Chromecast needs a minimum of 5V/1.5A power capacity. Lower voltage chargers can cause power issues.

Other Signs of Power Problems

Along with the LED indicators, here are some other signs your Chromecast may be receiving inconsistent power:

  • Frequent loss of WiFi connectivity
  • Video streaming issues like buffering or low quality
  • Device randomly reboots or turns off
  • Unresponsive when trying to cast content

Any of these issues typically point to a power delivery problem. Try switching power sources or USB ports to see if problems persist.


While you cannot charge a Chromecast like a phone or tablet, checking the power status is still important to ensure proper functionality. Pay attention to the LED indicators, warning messages, and performance issues. If you notice problems, switching to the included wall adapter is the best way to provide consistent power.

Following these troubleshooting tips will help keep your Chromecast streaming smoothly! Let us know if the power solutions resolved your issues.