How To Check Your Kill-Death Ratio Stats in Destiny 2 Using Third Party Sites

Your kill-death (KD) ratio is an important stat to track in Destiny 2, especially if you play a lot of Crucible PvP. However, Destiny 2 itself does not have an in-game way to view your KD ratio. Thankfully, there are several third party sites and tools that can help you easily check your Destiny 2 KD ratio, as well as view other useful PvP stats.

What is KD Ratio

KD ratio stands for “kill-death ratio” and it is calculated by dividing your total number of kills by your total number of deaths.

A KD ratio higher than 1 means you average more kills than deaths per game. The higher your KD, the better you are performing in Crucible on average.

KD ratio is considered one of the key stats to measure player performance in PvP game modes. Improving your KD over time shows that your skills are increasing.

Why Check Your Destiny 2 KD Ratio

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to check your Destiny 2 Crucible KD ratio using third party sites:

Track Your Improvement

By periodically checking your KD ratio, you can see if you are improving at PvP over time. As your gun skill, game sense, and other abilities improve, your KD should steadily climb.

Compare With Friends

Comparing your KD with your friends who also play Destiny 2 Crucible can be a fun way to get some friendly competition going. See who has the best KD in your group.

Analyze Performance

If your KD ratio starts to dip, checking your stats on third party sites can help you analyze what may be going wrong. Are you struggling with a certain weapon type? Game mode? Analyzing stats can identify areas to focus your improvement efforts on.

Set Goals

You can use your current KD ratio as a baseline to set goals for improvement. For example, you may aim to increase your overall KD by 0.2 within a certain time period. Tracking your progress towards goals can help motivate you.

Top Sites to Check Destiny 2 KD Ratio

Now let’s take a look at some of the best third party sites and tools to use to view your Destiny 2 kill-death ratio as well as other useful PvP stats:

1. Destiny Tracker

Destiny Tracker ( is one of the most popular stat tracking sites used by the Destiny community. It tracks an enormous amount of stats across all Destiny 2 activities.

To check your KD ratio on Destiny Tracker:

  1. Search for your platform account username
  2. Click on Crucible Stats
  3. View your overall KD as well as KD for individual modes like Control, Clash etc.

You can also see recent match history, kill stats by weapon type, win percentage, and more.

2. DestinyKD

DestinyKD ( is focused specifically on Crucible KD and PvP stats. It has a simple, clean interface showing just the key stats you care about.

To view your KD:

  1. Search for your username
  2. View your overall KD ratio, recent matches, kills remaining to next KD tier, and more

DestinyKD also shows your current subclass, weapons used, and performance in recent matches. It’s a great, lightweight option for checking your PvP skill level.

3. Destiny Trials Report

If you play a lot of Trials of Osiris, Destiny Trials Report ( is an excellent place to track your performance.

View your Flawless tickets, current card status, map statistics, and of course, your overall Trials KD ratio over time. This site provides deep stats for the competitive Trials mode specifically.

4. provides a wealth of stat tracking through their Warmind bot which can be used on Discord. It offers KD tracking as well as elo score, win rate, recent matches and more.

This site provides an API to let you build customized stat trackers and bots for your own Discord server too.

5. Crucible Report is a clean site that focuses specifically on core Crucible stats for all PvP modes. It displays your combat rating, win rate, KAD (kills + assists divided by deaths), KD ratio over time, recent matches, medals earned and more.

If you just care about your overall PvP performance, Crucible Report makes it easy to view without extraneous stats.

Tips for Improving Your KD Ratio

Here are some tips if your goal is to improve your KD ratio in Destiny 2:

  • Play your life – Don’t take unnecessary risks and feed the other team kills. Staying alive is critical.
  • Stick with your team – Teamshooting is extremely powerful in Destiny. Support your teammates in fights.
  • Limit your deaths – Even if you aren’t getting tons of kills, focusing on dying less will steadily raise your KD.
  • Learn the maps – Know common chokepoints, flank routes, sniper sightlines and callouts.
  • Use meta weapons – Weapons like Dead Man’s Tale, Lorentz Driver, etc give you an edge.
  • Record gameplay – Review your gameplay to analyze mistakes and areas for improvement.
  • Find a regular team – Having a regular PvP squad promotes teamwork and coordination.


I hope this guide has helped explain what KD ratio is and why it is an important stat to track for PvP players in Destiny 2. With no in-game stat tracking, third party sites like Destiny Tracker and DestinyKD are extremely valuable for checking your kill-death ratio over time as you work to improve your Crucible skills.

Use your KD trends to set measurable goals, identify weaknesses, and see your overall growth as a PvP player. And be sure to take advantage of the wealth of stat tracking options the Destiny community provides!