How to Clear and Delete Location History From Life360 App

You can stop sharing your location with other members of your Circle anytime by going to the app’s settings and toggling location sharing off. This will prevent them from seeing your location until you turn it back on.

Pause Location History

In the free version of Life360, location and driving history is automatically deleted after 3 days. For paid subscribers, you can manually pause location history capture for up to 30 days at a time. This prevents any new location data from being stored.

Review Privacy Settings

Go to the Privacy & Security section in Life360’s settings to control how your data is used. You can opt out of certain features like analytics or tailored advertising.

Leave the Circle

If you want to completely remove yourself and your data from a Circle, you can leave the Circle. This will erase your history and prevent the other members from accessing any further location data.

Delete Account

The only way to permanently delete all location history is to delete your Life360 account. This will erase all data associated with your account. Note that other Circle members will be notified if you delete your account.

In summary, while you can’t selectively delete pieces of your location history, you do have options to limit ongoing tracking and remove yourself from the service. I’d recommend first discussing any privacy concerns openly with your Circle members before taking action. Finding the right balance between safety and privacy is key.