How to Clear Clipboard Content Copied to an iPad Device

Copying content to the clipboard on an iPad can be very convenient, allowing you to easily access text, images, links, and other data to paste elsewhere. However, there may be times when you want to clear the clipboard, either for privacy reasons or to free up memory. As an experienced iPad user, I’m going to walk you through several methods for clearing the clipboard on an iPad.

Why You May Want to Clear the Clipboard

Here are some common reasons for clearing the clipboard on your iPad:

  • Privacy – The clipboard may contain sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. that you don’t want others to access. Clearing it prevents this data from being exposed.
  • Security – Some apps access clipboard data without your knowledge. Clearing the clipboard reduces this potential security risk.
  • Performance – The clipboard uses up memory and storage space on your iPad. Clearing it can free up system resources for better performance.
  • Remove Unneeded Data – You may copy information that you no longer need. Clearing the clipboard gets rid of this useless data.

The iPad Clipboard Limitation

The clipboard on iPadOS has one major limitation – it can only store a single item at a time. So when you copy or cut new content, it overwrites whatever was already stored there.

We can use this limitation to our advantage to clear the clipboard. Simply copying something else will wipe out the existing data.

Method 1: Use the Notes App

The easiest way to clear the iPad clipboard is by copying a space or other meaningless character in the Notes app:

  1. Open the Notes app
  2. Tap in the body text area to place the cursor
  3. Press the spacebar once to insert a space
  4. Copy this space (touch & hold, then tap “Copy” or use the copy gesture)

This will overwrite whatever was already on your clipboard with an empty space. You’ve now cleared the clipboard on your iPad!

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Clipboard Manager

There are apps available, like Paste, Clipboard++, and Copied, that allow you to view your clipboard history. Most also let you clear the clipboard.

Here is how to clear your iPad clipboard using Paste as an example:

  1. Open the Paste app
  2. Tap on “Clipboard History”
  3. Tap “Select”
  4. Tap “Select All”
  5. Tap the trash icon to delete all clipboard history

This will both clear the clipboard and erase your clipboard history within Paste.

Note: This method only clears the app’s clipboard history, not the system-wide clipboard. You’d still need to use Method 1 to fully clear that.

Method 3: Terminal Command

You can use a Terminal command on your iPad to clear the clipboard from the command line:

  1. Open the Terminal app
  2. Type the command pbcopy < /dev/null
  3. Press Enter

This will instantly wipe your clipboard. However, Terminal is less straightforward for non-technical users.

Tips for Managing Your iPad Clipboard

Here are some tips for keeping your clipboard clear and staying on top of what gets copied:

  • Avoid copying sensitive information when possible
  • Frequently clear the clipboard using one of the methods outlined above
  • Use a clipboard manager app like Paste so you can easily monitor clipboard contents
  • Turn on clipboard protections in apps like password managers to clear data automatically
  • Update privacy settings in iOS to limit app access to clipboard data

Actively managing the clipboard is vital for both security and performance on your iPad. With these simple methods, you’ll always know how to clear the clipboard when needed.


  • The iPad clipboard only stores one item at a time, so copying something else will overwrite it
  • Common reasons for clearing the clipboard include privacy, security, freeing memory, and removing unneeded copied data
  • You can easily clear the clipboard using Notes, a third-party app like Paste, or the Terminal command pbcopy < /dev/null
  • Make sure you avoid copying sensitive information, clear the clipboard frequently, use a clipboard manager, and adjust your privacy settings

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you clarity on how to clear your iPad clipboard. Let me know if you have any other questions!