How to Collect Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2

As an avid Risk of Rain 2 player with over 500 hours in the game, I’ve learned quite a lot about collecting those elusive Lunar Coins. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share everything you need to know to start racking up your Lunar Coin count.

What are Lunar Coins?

Lunar Coins are a special currency in Risk of Rain 2 that carry over between runs. Unlike the gold you collect during runs, Lunar Coins stay in your inventory indefinitely. You can spend Lunar Coins to purchase powerful Lunar Items from the Bazaar Between Time, unlock new survivors like the Artificer, and more.

Why Collect Lunar Coins?

Here are some of the key things you can unlock with Lunar Coins:

  • Lunar Items: These items have extremely powerful effects, but also negative downsides. Costs 2 coins each.
  • The Artificer: A new ranged/caster survivor. Costs 10 coins to unlock.
  • Bazaar Access: Only 1 coin to gain access to the Bazaar Between Time.
  • Rerolls: Reroll the Lunar Item selection in the Bazaar. Costs 1 coin initially, doubling each reroll.
  • Next Stage Selection: Pick your next stage for 3 coins by using a Lunar Seer.

As you can see, Lunar Coins give you access to game-changing loot and content. Having a stockpile gives you options to use when you need them!

Ways to Get Lunar Coins

Method 1: Defeat Enemies

All enemies have a 0.5% base chance to drop a Lunar Coin when defeated. However, the drop chance gets cut in half each time you successfully get a coin in a run.

While grinding enemies is consistent, the diminishing returns make it an inefficient way to farm once you’ve gotten 1-2 coins. It’s still a good supplementary income though!

Method 2: Obliterate Yourself

After the 3rd stage of any loop, there’s a chance for a Celestial Portal to appear. Take the portal to go to A Moment, Fractured. Interact with the Obelisk to obliterate yourself and gain 5 Lunar Coins.

You can increase this to 15 coins if you use the Lunar Item Beads of Fealty before obliterating yourself. This takes you to A Moment, Whole where you can defeat the Twisted Scavenger for 10 bonus coins.

Method 3: Edit Your Save File (PC Only)

By editing your save file on PC, you can set your Lunar Coin count to anything you want. While some may consider this cheating, it’s a quick and easy way to unlock content.

Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions on editing your Lunar Coin count.

What to Spend Lunar Coins On

Once you’ve built up a stockpile, here are some of the best uses for your hard-earned Lunar Coins:

Unlock Survivors

The first thing you should save up for is unlocking the Artificer. At only 10 coins, the Artificer adds a fun new ranged/caster playstyle to the game.

Future survivors may also cost Lunar Coins to unlock when they get added.

Lunar Items

Lunar Items are extremely powerful, but have significant downsides as well. Their power comes at a price.

Some of the best Lunar Items to grab are:

  • Gesture of the Drowned: Reduces equipment cooldown by 50%. One of the best items in the game.
  • Shaped Glass: Doubles damage at the cost of 50% max health. High risk, high reward.
  • Brainstalks: Massively boosts experience gain, allowing you to snowball ahead.

Grab 1-2 Lunar Items per run once you have a surplus of coins to play around with.


Once you’ve unlocked everything, Lunar Coins are best spent on rerolling the Lunar Item selection at the Bazaar.

The first reroll is only 1 coin, with the cost doubling each time. Reroll 1-2 times per run to increase your chances of getting a top-tier item.

Beginner’s Guide to Lunar Coins

For beginners still learning the ropes, here are some tips:

  • Save your first 10 coins to unlock the Artificer before spending any.
  • Only grab 1 Lunar Item at first until you learn their upsides and downsides.
  • Stick to obliterating for income rather than grinding enemies.
  • Don’t reroll items much early on when coins are limited.

Take it slow until you get more experience. No need to rush into the dangerous waters of Lunar Items and rerolling until you have a good coin income!

Closing Thoughts

And that covers everything you need to know about collecting Lunar Coins in Risk of Rain 2!

They are a valuable currency that gives access to game-changing loot. Obliterating yourself and editing your save (on PC) are the best farming methods.

Once you’ve built up a surplus, unlock the Artificer and start experimenting with powerful Lunar Items. Reroll for your dream items once you’re more experienced.

Have fun out there, and may the coins ever be in your favor! Let me know if you have any other questions.