How to Delete All Unread Gmail Emails in One Click

Having too many unread emails cluttering up your Gmail inbox can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Gmail offers several easy ways to delete all unread emails in your inbox with just one click. As a Gmail power user for over 10 years, I will share the most effective methods I’ve learned to swiftly clear out unread messages.

Why You Should Delete Unread Emails

Before jumping into the step-by-step instructions, let’s first go over some key reasons for deleting unread emails in bulk:

  • Reduce inbox clutter: Having thousands of unread emails makes your inbox feel chaotic. Deleting them helps create a clean slate.
  • Focus on current tasks: Old unread emails can be distracting. Removing them helps you concentrate on more pressing matters.
  • Free up storage space: Each email takes up storage quota in Gmail. Deleting unreads frees up capacity.
  • Improve productivity: Research shows cluttered inboxes lower productivity. Cleaning it out helps you work more efficiently.

In summary, regularly clearing out unread emails through bulk delete keeps your inbox clean, focused, spacious, and optimizes productivity.

Method 1: Delete All Unread Emails Using Search

The fastest way to delete all unread emails is by combining Gmail’s search function with the selection tool:

Step 1: Type “is:unread” in Search Bar

  • In your Gmail inbox, type is:unread in the search box at the top and press Enter.

Type “is:unread” in Gmail Search

This displays all unread emails in your inbox based on the search filter.

Step 2: Select All Conversations

  • Click the checkbox at the top left of your inbox next to the Refresh button.
  • Click “Select all conversations that match this search”.

Select all unread Gmail conversations

This selects every unread conversation across all pages of results.

Step 3: Click Delete

  • Click the Delete icon (trash can).

Delete all selected Gmail conversations

All unread emails across your whole inbox will now be deleted in one click!

Method 2: Enable Swipe to Delete

Another way to quickly mass delete unread Gmail messages is by enabling swipe actions:

Step 1: Go to Gmail Settings

  • Click the Gear icon ☰ > Settings

Step 2: Click Gmail App Settings

  • Choose Gmail app settings

Step 3: Edit Swipe Actions

Under Mail Swipe Actions:

  • Click Change next to Left Swipe or Right Swipe
  • Select Delete

Set swipe to delete in Gmail

Step 4: Swipe to Delete Emails

You can now swipe left or right on emails while in your inbox to delete unread messages with one smooth motion.

While not as fast as method 1 for bulk delete, it allows deleting unreads while scrolling through your inbox.

Method 3: Use Third Party Email Manager

For advanced users who want maximum control over deleting emails, using a third party email management app like Clean Email is an excellent choice:

Key Features

  • Delete unread emails from all folders, including Spam & Trash
  • Filter by sender, label, attachment type, etc.
  • Select multiple deletion rules
  • Available as browser add-on and mobile app

How to Use:

  • Visit and login with Google
  • From the left sidebar, click Unread Mail folder
  • Click Select All
  • Click the Trash Can icon to delete all unreads

This method provides fine-tuned control over which unread messages get deleted in one click.

Other Gmail Tips

Here are some additional tips for keeping your Gmail organized:

  • Enable multiple inboxes to separate emails by category
  • Set up filters and labels to automatically sort incoming mail
  • Archive old messages to clear space but keep them searchable
  • Mute distracting threads like notifications and newsletters
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to manage emails faster
  • Limit inbox checks to 2-3 times per day

Implementing these tips along with periodically bulk deleting unread messages will keep your inbox clean and functional.


I hope this comprehensive guide gives you effective techniques to swiftly delete all unread Gmail emails in one click. Specifically:

  • Using Gmail’s search and select all features
  • Enabling swipe to delete in mobile app
  • Trying advanced email manager Clean Email

Regularly clearing out old unread emails is crucial for maintaining a focused, clutter-free inbox and working productively. Give these methods a try and take back control of your Gmail!