How to Use Messenger’s Handy QR Code Scanner Like a Pro

Facebook Messenger’s QR code scanner allows you to easily connect with people and businesses. As a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience, I’m going to walk you through how to use this feature effectively.

An Introduction to Messenger’s QR Code Scanner

The QR code scanner in Messenger has become an essential tool for marketers and businesses. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • QR codes contain links that direct users to specific webpages, Messenger conversations, phone numbers, etc.
  • To scan a code, open the Messenger app and tap on the camera icon in the top right.
  • Hover your camera over the QR code to automatically scan it.
  • You’ll then be directed to the link or page associated with that code.

It’s a quick and convenient way to engage customers and direct them where you want them to go.

Best Practices for Using Messenger’s QR Code Scanner

If you want to fully utilize the power of Messenger’s QR code scanner, follow these pro tips:

1. Strategically Place Your Codes

Put your QR codes in high-traffic locations where many people will see them. Good placement examples include:

  • Printed marketing materials like brochures, flyers, business cards
  • Conference booths, trade show banners
  • Restaurant table tents
  • Product packaging

This exposure will lead to more scans.

2. Personalize Codes When Possible

Customized QR codes are more eye-catching than generic ones. Try adding:

  • Your company logo
  • Brand colors
  • Event names

Personalization makes people more likely to scan your code.

3. Use Trackable Links

Shortened, trackable links allow you to see valuable QR code analytics like:

  • Number of scans
  • Scan locations
  • Click-through rates

Bitly and Google URLs work great for this.

4. Send Traffic to Optimized Landing Pages

Direct QR code traffic to mobile-friendly landing pages with clear calls-to-action. This improves conversions.

5. Promote Your Codes

Inform people about your QR codes through channels like:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Signage

Promoting their existence leads to more scans.

By following these best practices, you can maximize the impact of your Messenger QR code marketing.

Creative Ways to Use Messenger’s QR Code Scanner

Here are some innovative ways to utilize Messenger’s QR scanning capabilities:

Drive Traffic to Lead Gen Forms

  • Create a QR code for your lead capture or contact form webpage.
  • Print the code on brochures and other marketing collateral.
  • When scanned, people will automatically be sent to the form to convert as leads.

Share Contact Information

  • Generate a QR code that adds your phone number, email, or Messenger contact to someone’s address book when scanned.
  • Use this on your business card or at networking events to seamlessly share details.

Send Event Reminders

  • Have a big upcoming event? Create a Messenger QR code that signs people up for reminders when scanned.
  • Print the code on save-the-dates and flyers to drive sign-ups.

Deliver Coupons/Discounts

  • Offering an exclusive promo? Make the reveal exciting by having people scan for coupon codes and discounts.
  • Watch as scan rates and sales simultaneously increase.

Launch Chatbots

  • Introduce people to your Messenger chatbot by creating a QR code to launch it.
  • Use the viral nature of QR codes to spread bot awareness.

The options are endless. Get creative with your QR codes!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Messenger QR Code

Ready to make your own scanner-friendly Messenger QR code? Follow this simple how-to guide:

1. Grab Your Messenger URL

  • Open Messenger and tap your profile picture.
  • Select the “Share Your Profile” option.
  • Copy the URL link shown.

This is the page people will be directed to when they scan your code.

2. Generate a QR Code

  • Go to any free QR code generator site.
  • Paste your URL into the designated field.
  • Download the resulting QR code image.

3. Add Your Branding

  • Most QR generators let you customize colors and add logos.
  • Utilize this to brand your code for recognition.

4. Print and Display the Code

  • Print your QR code onto marketing materials or signage.
  • Showcase the code prominently wherever you want it scanned.

Be sure to promote the purpose of scanning your code to improve engagement.

And that’s it! With this easy guide, you can create tailored Messenger QR codes to boost your marketing.

FAQs About Messenger’s QR Code Scanner

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about leveraging Messenger’s QR scanning feature:

What happens when someone scans my Messenger QR code?

They will be instantly directed to the link associated with your QR code. This is typically a Messenger conversation with your Page or profile.

Can I see analytics on my QR code scans?

Yes, using a tracked or Bitly link in your code allows you to view number of scans and location data.

How do I get people to actually scan my code?

Promote what happens after scanning through messaging on printed materials. Highlight the value it will provide them.

What’s the best way to generate a Messenger QR code?

Use a reputable free QR generator site to create a customizable, high-quality QR code with your link embedded.

Final Thoughts

Implementing Messenger’s QR code scanner into your marketing strategy is an extremely effective way to engage customers and increase conversions.

By following the best practices outlined here and creatively leveraging QR codes, you can take your business’s promotions to the next level.

So don’t wait — start boosting results by utilizing Messenger’s handy QR code scanner like a pro today!