How to Delete and Remove an Account From an Xbox One Console

Why You Might Want to Remove an Account

There are a few reasons why you might need to remove an account from your Xbox One console:

  • You no longer use the account – If you have an old account that you don’t use anymore, you can remove it to free up space on your console.
  • You lent your console to someone else – If you allowed a friend or family member to create a profile and use your console temporarily, you’ll probably want to remove their account when they’re done.
  • You’re selling or giving away your console – Make sure to remove all accounts before passing your Xbox One onto someone else.
  • You want separate accounts for family members – If your family used to share an Xbox but now have separate consoles, you’ll need to remove the other accounts.

How to Remove an Account from an Xbox One

Removing an account from your Xbox One is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Press the Xbox Button on Your Controller

  • From the Home screen, press the Xbox button in the center of your controller. This will open the side menu.

2. Go to Settings

  • Use the left stick or D-pad to select the Settings icon on the far right (it looks like a gear).

3. Select Account

  • In the Settings menu, choose Account. It’s the second option from the top.

4. Choose Remove Accounts

  • At the bottom right of the Account page, select Remove accounts.

5. Select the Account to Remove

  • You’ll see a list of all accounts associated with your console. Highlight the account you want to remove.

6. Confirm Account Removal

  • Read the information about what happens when accounts are removed. If you still want to proceed, select Remove to delete the account.

And that’s it! The selected account is now removed from your Xbox One. The profile and associated game data will no longer be accessible on your console.

What Happens When You Remove an Account

When you remove an account from your Xbox One:

  • The account’s profile and game data are deleted from your console’s storage.
  • Your save files and achievements will NOT be deleted from the account itself.
  • The account can still sign in and access data on another Xbox by signing in again.
  • You can add the account back at any time in the future if needed.

So removing an account does NOT delete or damage the actual Xbox Live account in any way. It simply removes it from your specific console.

How to Permanently Delete an Xbox Account

If you need to permanently close an Xbox account so it can never be used again, you’ll have to delete the associated Microsoft account as well.

Here is the process to fully delete both accounts:

  1. Sign into your Microsoft account on the Microsoft account management page.
  2. Click “Close account”.
  3. Follow the steps to have your account scheduled for closure. It takes 60 days to fully close.
  4. Sign into your Xbox console. Go to Settings > Account > Remove accounts.
  5. Delete the account from your Xbox as well.

Once 60 days have passed without you signing in, both your Microsoft account and Xbox profile will be permanently deleted.

Tips for Managing Your Xbox One Accounts

  • Set up passkeys for all accounts to prevent unauthorized access, especially for kids’ profiles.
  • Back up save files to external drives or cloud storage before removing accounts.
  • Make sure Xbox Live subscriptions and Microsoft account balances are handled before deleting accounts.
  • You can remove an account remotely from the Xbox website if needed.


Removing accounts from your Xbox One console is quick and straightforward. Just navigate to the Account settings, select Remove accounts, choose a profile, and confirm deletion.

Remember that only the locally stored profile and data will be erased. The Xbox Live account will remain intact for use on other devices.

Permanently deleting an account requires closing the associated Microsoft account as well, which takes 60 days to fully process.

With this guide, you should now feel comfortable managing accounts on your Xbox One! Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions.