How to Efficiently Get Stone in Rust

Getting stone is essential in Rust for crafting basic tools, weapons, building parts, and more. Here are the most efficient methods to collect stone.

Search for Loose Rocks

This is the easiest way to find stone, especially early game. Look on the ground for small loose rocks that you can instantly pick up. Each one gives you 50 stone. Over time, this adds up to a decent amount. Focus on rocky areas and terrain.


  • Available from the very start
  • No tools required
  • Low risk


  • Very slow gathering rate
  • Limited availability

Mine Stone Nodes

Stone nodes are grey rocky protrusions sticking out of the ground. Hitting them with tools allows you to extract large amounts of stone. The best areas to find nodes are:

  • Cliffsides
  • Boulders
  • Mountainous terrain


  • Much faster gathering rate
  • Abundant amounts of stone


  • Need basic tools
  • Other players may contest the nodes

Tools For Mining Nodes

  • Rock: Very slow but available at spawn
  • Stone Pickaxe: Decent speed, costs 100 stone and 200 wood to craft
  • Salvaged Icepick: Fastest gathering, found in crates at monuments

The Salvaged Icepick gathers stone the quickest. The Stone Pickaxe offers a good balance of affordability and gathering speed.


Many crafted items can be recycled back into some of their base components. Recycle stone tools, building parts, and weapons to regain a portion of the stone used to craft them.


  • Renewable source of stone
  • Useful for unwanted or damaged gear


  • Only returns a percentage of stone cost
  • Need a Workbench and Research Table

Mining Quarry

The Mining Quarry automatically extracts stone and other ores over time. Place it in a rocky area to increase yield.


  • Fully automated gathering
  • Yields very high amounts


  • Locked behind mid-game progression
  • Requires constant fuel upkeep
  • Makes noise and reveals your location

Buy from Outpost

Once you have scrap, you can visit the Outpost monument to directly exchange it for stone at a rate of 10 scrap per 1000 stone.


  • Instant delivery of stone stacks
  • Renewable source of stone


  • Need scrap for purchases
  • Need to safely travel to Outpost


In early game, search for loose rocks on the ground. Once you have basic tools, start hitting stone nodes for faster gathering. Main late game sources are mining quarries and buying from Outpost using scrap.

Remember to use the appropriate tool for each job and recycle unused stone items. Master these techniques to never run short on this critical resource.