How to Find and Add Friends in Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. With its engaging gameplay, unique legends, and frequent updates, it has attracted over 100 million players globally.

Playing with friends makes Apex Legends even more exciting. Thanks to its cross-play capabilities, you can team up with friends on different platforms like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find and add friends in Apex Legends:

Enabling Cross-Play

Cross-play is enabled by default in Apex Legends. This means players on different platforms can matchmake together.

If you have disabled cross-play, make sure to enable it again from the settings. This allows you to find and play with friends on other platforms.

Adding In-Game Friends


If your friend is on PC (Origin or Steam), follow these steps:

  • Launch Apex Legends and click on the Friends tab in the bottom right.
  • Click on Add Friend and enter your friend’s username or email ID.
  • Select their name from the dropdown list and click Send Friend Request.

Once your friend accepts the request, they will appear in your friends list. You can then invite them directly into your lobby.

On Consoles

To add friends playing Apex Legends on PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch:

  • Go to the Friends tab from the lobby screen.
  • Click on Find Friend.
  • Enter your friend’s EA Account ID and search.
  • Select their name and send them a friend request.

The EA Account ID is different from your platform ID or username. Ask your friend to share their EA ID with you.

Finding Friends Outside the Game

You can also find Apex Legends players to team up with outside of the game:

Apex Legends Community Forums

Visit the Apex Legends forums and connect with players looking for teammates. Introduce yourself in a forum post or reply to existing posts.

Apex Legends Discord Servers

Join one of the many Apex Legends Discord servers. Meet players, chat in text/ voice channels, and find teammates based on your platform, region, ranks, etc.

Apex Legends Facebook Groups

Search for Apex Legends on Facebook and join relevant groups. Facebook groups based on specific platforms or regions can help in finding local teammates.

Playing With Cross-Platform Friends

Once you have added your cross-platform friends:

  • Launch Apex Legends and invite them into your lobby directly from the friends list.
  • Ready up and select your preferred game mode – trios, duos or ranked.
  • Voice chat works across all platforms so you can talk to your teammates during a match.
  • Coordinate your legend abilities and game strategy with your cross-platform squad for the best results.

Tips for Playing With Friends

Here are some tips to improve your experience of playing Apex Legends with friends:

  • Use cross-platform voice chat to communicate during matches. Call out enemies, share locations, and coordinate attacks.
  • Learn how to best combine your chosen legends’ abilities. Plan ability sequences and combo moves.
  • Stick close to each other during matches. Revive teammates immediately and use lifeline abilities frequently.
  • Suggest gear and weapons to friends if they need something specific. Share inventory items when required.
  • Analyze your squad’s strengths and weaknesses after matches. Refine your team strategy accordingly.
  • Attempt different game modes together – trios, duos, ranked, limited-time modes, etc.
  • Set up custom matches to practice team strategies if needed.

Troubleshooting Issues

However, you may face certain issues while trying to play with friends:

Can’t find or add friends – Check privacy settings, enable cross-play, use correct EA IDs. Recheck after some time as requests can take a while to process.

Friend requests not going through – The issue could be due to privacy settings or platform problems. Try adding through the EA Desktop app or website.

Can’t join friends’ lobby – Make sure your friends have an open slot on their squad. The lobby leader can also try restarting the lobby.

Voice chat not working – Double check voice chat settings. Make sure no devices are muted and volumes are adjusted correctly.

Regular latency or lag issues – The problem could be due to a poor internet connection. Make sure all squad members have stable, low-latency connections for smooth gameplay.


Playing Apex Legends with your friends takes the experience to a whole new level. Cross-play support makes it easy to find and connect with friends on any platform.

Use the tips outlined in this article to add new friends, build your squad, coordinate better in matches, and troubleshoot issues. With some effort, you’ll soon be destroying opponents and climbing ranks with your best friends in Apex Legends!