How to Fix a Non-Working Webcam in OBS

  • Restart OBS and your computer. This can resolve simple issues with the webcam not showing up.
  • Make sure no other applications are accessing the webcam. Close other apps using the webcam like Skype, Facetime etc.

Permissions and Access

  • Enable camera access permission for OBS in Windows privacy settings. Go to Settings > Privacy > Camera and toggle on access for OBS ([10]).
  • On Windows, disable then re-enable camera access for desktop apps under Camera Privacy settings ([2]).
  • On Linux, install v4l2loopback to enable the virtual camera ([4]).

Driver and Hardware Issues

  • Reinstall or update webcam drivers in Device Manager ([3]).
  • Try different USB ports, plugging into a powered hub, or ports on the back of your PC ([8]).
  • Physically inspect the webcam and connection cables for any damage.

OBS Configuration

  • Change OBS video settings like output resolution, FPS, format etc ([1]).
  • Uninstall and reinstall OBS studio to force a clean config ([3]).
  • Update OBS to the latest version in case of bugs with an outdated version ([1],[10]).
  • Start the OBS virtual camera if the option is missing or disabled ([4]).
  • Reorder sources, copy-paste the webcam source to refresh it ([8]).

I would first try the quick fixes like restarting OBS and the computer. Then inspect webcam permissions, drivers, hardware connections and OBS settings. Updating software versions often resolves issues. If problems persist after trying these, an alternative recording software may be needed instead of OBS.