How to Fix Google Photos Not Auto-Backing Up Pictures and Videos

Google Photos is a popular cloud storage service that allows users to automatically back up photos and videos from their devices. However, sometimes Google Photos can get stuck during the backup process or stop backing up entirely. Here are the most common reasons why Google Photos may not be auto-backing up your pictures and videos, along with steps to fix the issues.

Why Google Photos Stops Auto-Backing Up

There are several potential causes for Google Photos not properly backing up your photos and videos:

Low Battery or Power Saving Mode

If your device goes into low battery mode or power saving mode is enabled, Google Photos will often pause backups.

Insufficient Storage Space

Google Photos may stop backing up if you’ve used up all the storage space allotted in your Google Account.

Large or Unsupported File Types

Very large photos or videos over 200MB in size or certain unsupported file types may fail to back up.

Outdated App Version

Bugs in an outdated version of the Google Photos app can disrupt the backup process.

Connection Issues

An unstable internet connection prevents Google Photos from backing up properly.

Accidental Changes to Settings

You may have accidentally toggled off auto-backup or changed a related setting without realizing it.

Fixes for Google Photos Backup Issues

Here are the top recommended troubleshooting tips to get Google Photos auto-backup working again:

1. Check Your Backup Settings

Open the Google Photos app and confirm auto-backup is enabled with the proper account selected under Settings > Back up & sync.

2. Update the App

Install the latest version of Google Photos from your device’s app store. Updates often fix bugs.

3. Clear Cache and Data

In your device settings, clear cached data and app data for Google Photos to remove corrupt files.

4. Check Network Connection

Make sure you’re connected to a stable, high-speed internet connection when trying to back up.

5. Enable Sync Over Cellular Data

Allow Google Photos to use cellular data for backups under Settings > Mobile data usage.

6. Free Up Space in Google Account

Delete unused files from Google Drive or other services to regain Google Account storage space.

7. Reboot Your Device

Power your device off completely and restart it to clear any memory issues preventing backups.

8. Charge Your Device

Make sure your device is sufficiently charged and disable battery saver/low power mode.

9. Remove Problematic Files

Delete any files giving errors when backing up from your camera roll and try uploading again.

10. Contact Google Support

If you still can’t resolve backup problems, reach out to Google support for personalized troubleshooting help.

Best Practices for Google Photos Backups

Here are some tips to prevent issues with Google Photos failing to back up your pictures and videos:

  • Keep your device charged as much as possible
  • Connect to stable WiFi for backups whenever available
  • Update Google apps and Android/iOS software regularly
  • Occasionally clear app cache and data
  • Monitor your Google Account storage usage
  • Use file formats and sizes supported by Google Photos
  • Double check that auto-backup is always enabled

Alternative Backup Solutions

If you continue having unresolvable problems with Google Photos backups, consider switching to alternative backup services:

  • iCloud Photo Library – Seamlessly backs up iOS photos
  • OneDrive – Integrates with Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Flickr – Offers 1TB of free photo storage
  • Amazon Photos – Free unlimited full-resolution photo storage for Prime members
  • Dropbox – Popular file syncing service with image hosting
  • Synology C2 Backup – Cloud backup solution focused on security

The most convenient solution still is getting Google Photos auto-backups functioning properly again when possible. But alternative cloud storage services can also reliably store your photos and videos if needed.


With Google Photos being unreliable or getting stuck trying to back up your media files, it can lead to lost memories and frustration. By troubleshooting the common underlying causes, updating settings, and following best practices, you can typically resolve Google Photos backup problems. Just be sure to monitor your backups closely and consider supplementary backup services if issues persist.