How To Record Slow Motion Videos on iPhone XR Camera

The iPhone XR has a great camera that allows you to capture stunning slow motion videos. With some simple settings adjustments and shooting techniques, you can take your iPhone videography to the next level. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to record slow motion videos on the iPhone XR camera.

What is Slow Motion Video

Slow motion video refers to video footage that is captured and played back at a slower speed than normal. This allows fast moving subjects to be viewed in detail as the action is stretched out. The iPhone XR can record slow motion video at 120 or 240 frames per second (fps) depending on the video resolution you choose.

Check iPhone XR Slow Motion Video Capabilities

Before you start shooting, check the slow motion capabilities of your iPhone XR:

  • Go to Settings > Camera > Record Slo-mo
  • You can choose 1080p at 120 fps or 720p at 240 fps
  • Higher frame rates and resolutions allow smoother and more detailed slow motion, but result in larger files

Tips for Shooting Good Slow Motion Videos

Here are some tips to help you shoot better slow motion videos on your iPhone XR:

1. Stabilize the Camera

Any camera shake or vibration gets amplified in slow motion. Use a tripod or stabilize the phone against a solid surface. You can also try holding the phone with both hands to minimize shake.

2. Get Close to the Action

The closer you can get to the moving subject while keeping it in frame, the better your slow motion footage will look. Capturing close-up facial expressions or small details is where slow motion really shines.

3. Use Good Lighting

Slow motion requires a faster shutter speed which reduces light intake. Ensure you have ample lighting on your subject, whether natural or artificial. Avoid fluorescent lights which can cause flicker.

4. Pick Fast Moving Subjects

Look for subjects with quick motion that will look dramatic in slow motion like splashing water, fast vehicles, dance moves, or facial reactions. Everyday motions can look fascinating when slowed down.

5. Shoot in Bursts

You can’t predict the perfect moment of action so shoot multiple takes to increase your chances of capturing something great. Storage is cheap, go wild!

6. Add Interesting Angles

Vary your angle, distance, and movement in relation to the subject to add visual interest. Shoot from below, above, the side, or by tracking alongside.

How to Record Slow Motion Videos on iPhone XR

Ready to shoot? Here are the steps to record slow motion video on your iPhone XR camera:

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Swipe left on the mode selector and choose Slo-mo
  3. Tap the Settings icon and choose 1080p at 120fps or 720p at 240fps
  4. Compose your shot and tap the Record button
  5. Let the action unfold, tracking motion when possible
  6. Tap Stop to end recording when the action concludes
  7. Review the clip in Photos and adjust slow motion section as needed
  8. Save and share your glorious slow motion masterpiece!

How to Fine Tune Your Slow Motion Video

You can tweak the slow motion effect after shooting:

  1. Open the slow motion video in Photos
  2. Tap Edit and select the section handles below the clip
  3. Drag handles to change which part plays in slow motion
  4. Trim video as needed and tap Save

Have fun unleashing your inner Slo-mo master! With some practice and the right techniques, you’ll be shooting and sharing jaw-dropping slow motion videos on your iPhone XR in no time.

Author Bio

My name is John and I’m a professional freelance videographer and Apple device enthusiast. I specialize in shooting high quality slow motion videos on iPhone and teaching others how to maximize their iPhone videography skills. When I’m not out shooting unique slow motion clips to share online, you’ll find me writing helpful photography and videography tips or reviewing the latest mobile video gear. I absolutely love empowering people to shoot amazing videos with whatever device they have on hand.