How To Fix YouTube Search Not Working Properly and Showing Errors

YouTube’s powerful search function allows you to easily find videos on any topic. However, sometimes YouTube search stops working properly and doesn’t show any results or shows error messages. Here are the top solutions to fix YouTube search not working issues.

Check If YouTube Search is Down

Before troubleshooting on your end, check if YouTube search is down or having server issues. Sites like Downdetector can tell you if others are reporting problems with YouTube. If YouTube search seems to be down globally, you’ll have to wait until YouTube resolves the outage.

Update the YouTube App

An outdated YouTube app version can cause search issues. Keep the app updated to the latest version in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Updating fixes bugs and optimizes performance.

Restart Your Device

A simple device restart clears out minor glitches that may be affecting YouTube search. Restart your phone, tablet, computer, or the device where you are facing the YouTube search not working problem. In most cases, this should resolve the issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

YouTube requires a stable internet connection for search to work properly. Check if websites and apps are loading normally to confirm if your internet is working fine. Switch connections or troubleshoot internet issues if needed.

Clear Cache and Data

Corrupted app cache and data can stop YouTube search from working. On Android, clear cache and data from the YouTube app’s storage settings. On iOS, delete and reinstall the YouTube app to clear cache. This refreshes the app.

Use YouTube in Incognito Mode

Incognito mode launches YouTube in a private session. This prevents extensions, cookies and cache from interfering with functionality. If search works in incognito mode, an extension is likely causing issues.

Try Disabling Extensions

Browser extensions can sometimes obstruct YouTube search, especially ad blockers. Temporarily disable all extensions and test if search works properly without them. Turn extensions back on one-by-one to identify problematic ones.

Switch Browsers

Attempt YouTube search in alternate browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari to isolate browser-specific problems. If search only fails in one browser, re-installing it should fix the issue.

Adjust Date and Time Settings

Incorrect date and time settings cause connectivity issues with YouTube servers. Ensure date and time are set automatically / to the correct timezone on your device. YouTube search should now work.

Contact Your ISP

In rare cases, some ISPs may be blocking access to YouTube search. Get in touch with your ISP’s customer support to resolve restrictions from their end. Using a VPN connection can also bypass ISP blocks.

Use YouTube in Desktop Mode

The YouTube mobile site lacks certain features. Try using YouTube search in desktop mode to see if that makes a difference. On Android, enable desktop site in Chrome’s settings. On iOS, use the Request Desktop Site option.

Reset YouTube Search and Watch History

Go to YouTube’s History page from account settings. Clear your entire search and watch history. Start fresh by signing out and back into YouTube afterwards. This fixes account and personalization issues.

Check if Your Account has Restrictions

School and corporate YouTube accounts can have admin restrictions enabled, blocking certain features like search. Log into a different YouTube account on the same device to check if search works. Contact your account admin if search is limited.

Contact YouTube Support

If you still can’t get YouTube search working after trying the solutions, get in touch with YouTube support. Describe the exact search problem you are facing and provide screenshots if possible. YouTube can investigate and resolve technical issues from their end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my YouTube search not working?

Common reasons for YouTube search not working include internet connectivity problems, outdated apps, extensions causing conflict, account restrictions, blocked access by ISP and temporary YouTube outages.

How do I refresh YouTube search?

Clearing YouTube cache and data or reinstalling the app refreshes search functionality. Signing out of your YouTube account and back in also resets personalization issues.

Why does my YouTube search history not show?

YouTube search history not showing can happen if it has been cleared on YouTube’s History page or due to syncing issues. Check account settings to restore search history visibility.

Fixing YouTube search is easy in most cases. Just methodically try the right solutions until you resolve the underlying problem. Contact YouTube support if issues persist across devices.