How to Game on Your PS4 Without a Controller

How to Game on Your PS4 Without a Controller

There are a few options to control and play games on a PS4 without needing a controller:

Use a Keyboard and Mouse

  • PlayStation allows connecting third-party USB or Bluetooth keyboards and mice to navigate system menus and some games like Call of Duty and Final Fantasy XIV. However, most PS4 games require a controller for gameplay.

Use a Smartphone App

  • The official PlayStation app for iOS and Android allows using your phone as a second screen and even a remote control for basic system navigation. Some games work with the app for gameplay but compatibility is limited.

Use Device Remotes or Gamepads

  • Some universal remote controls and third-party gamepads can connect via Bluetooth to control the PS4 system interface. But they won’t work for actual gameplay.

Enable Accessibility Options

  • The PS4 has various accessibility settings to assist players with disabilities, including options to navigate the system with a screen reader using voice commands.

In summary, while it’s possible to navigate the PS4 system menus without a standard controller, gameplay is still mostly limited to using a DualShock 4. Third-party adapters can connect keyboards and mice but have limitations. Accessibility features can further assist players with disabilities.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!