How to Gather Precious Anemoculus Resources in Genshin Impact Game

As an avid Genshin Impact player with over 200 hours of gameplay experience, I will provide a detailed guide on gathering Anemoculus, one of the most precious resources in the game.

What are Anemoculus

Anemoculus are small, green wind-like objects that can be found scattered across the Mondstadt region in Genshin Impact. Collecting Anemoculus allows you to offer them to Statues of The Seven, which in turn provides various rewards.

Benefits of offering Anemoculus:

  • Increases maximum stamina
  • Gives Adventure EXP
  • Provides Primogems, Mora, and other resources
  • Unlocks Anemo Sigils to trade for a Viridescent Venerer artifact

In total, there are 66 Anemoculus to be collected in Mondstadt. Offering all of them to the statues will greatly benefit your account progression.

How to Locate Anemoculus

Finding all the Anemoculus can be tricky given how well hidden some of them are. Here are some tips:

  • Use the in-game compass: Equip the Anemoculus Resonance Stone gadget, which will guide you to nearby Anemoculus.
  • Mark on the map: When you find one, mark its location on the in-game map so you know which ones you already got.
  • Interactive map: Use an online interactive map that tracks your Anemoculus collection progress.
  • Co-op help: Play in co-op mode and have your friends help locate ones you missed.

Best Anemoculus Locations

While Anemoculus can be found all over Mondstadt, here are some of the best areas worth searching more thoroughly:

Stormterror’s Lair

This end-game area has multiple Anemoculus located at higher altitudes along the cliffs and floating islands. Use the updrafts and glide from great heights to reach them.

Starfell Valley

Several Anemoculus can be found hidden at the bottom of the valley lakes. Some are also hidden high up requiring creative gliding maneuvers.


The starting beach area has Anemoculus located underwater and even one high up only reachable by gliding from the Statue of The Seven.

Falcon Coast

The coastal cliffs have Anemoculus tucked away in obscure locations like inside broken pillars and tree hollows. Thoroughly comb the area.

Tips for Hard-to-Reach Anemoculus

Some Anemoculus are intentionally placed in hard-to-access areas to further challenge players. Here are some tips to get those difficult ones:

  • Use wind currents: Mondstadt’s gusts of wind can propel you to greater heights. Time your glide carefully using them.
  • Leverage elevation: Climb to high vantage points like mountain peaks to glide further distances.
  • Bring an Anemo character: Skills like Venti’s updraft or Kazuha’s midair jump can help reach new areas.
  • Co-op mode: Have a friend carry your character to the location with their skills like Keqing’s teleport.

Do not hesitate to think creatively when going after hard Anemoculus! The reward of more stamina and resources is well worth the effort.

Offering Anemoculus to Statues

Once you have collected Anemoculus, here is how to offer them at the Statues of The Seven:

  1. Approach one of the statues in Mondstadt.
  2. Activate the statue menu by interacting with it.
  3. Select the “Offer Anemoculus” option.
  4. Repeat the process until you have offered the desired amount.

I recommend offering them in batches of 10 to unlock the bigger resource rewards from each statue level upgrade.

In Summary

Gathering all 66 Anemoculus in Genshin Impact takes time, but is well worth it for the adventure experience, stamina boosts, and other progression perks. Use the tips outlined in this guide to efficiently locate every Anemoculus in Mondstadt. Check every nook and cranny, utilize wind currents masterfully, and leverage co-op friends to reach the most elusive ones. Offer them all to the Statues of The Seven to greatly empower your account. Now go forth, adventurer, and let the Anemo element guide you towards new treasures!