How to Get and Equip Mink V2 Sword in Blox Fruits Game

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game where players collect fruits to gain special abilities, train to increase their combat stats, and complete quests. One of the key goals in Blox Fruits is to unlock the powerful Mink V2 race and equip strong swords. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get Mink V2 and find the best swords to use.

Getting Mink V2 Race

Mink V2 is an upgraded version of the Mink race in Blox Fruits that gives you increased speed, dashing, jumping, and defense against attacks. To unlock it, you need to collect 3 special flowers on the map:

  • Red Flower – Located on top of the Volcano. Use Sky Walk or Flight to reach it.
  • Blue Flower – Underwater inside the Bubble Island dungeon. Beat the dungeon or use a submarine.
  • Yellow Flower – Inside the Colosseum by the Mink Race NPC. You may need to beat the colosseum first.

Once you have all 3 flowers, talk to the Mink Race NPC to unlock Mink V2[1][2].

Top Swords for Mink V2

Some of the best swords to use as a Mink V2 in Blox Fruits are:

  • Yama – Mythical fire sword, very high damage output[3].
  • Soul Cane – Legendary electric sword with fast attack speed. Good for combos[4].
  • Dark Blade – Legendary sword with triple slash ultimate move, obtained from Blackbeard raid[5].
  • Saber – Legendary sword with extremely fast slashes but short range, from Saber Expert dungeon[6].

Make sure to upgrade any swords you get to increase their mastery, which unlocks new moves.

Recommended Stats

For a Mink V2 sword build, focus your stats on:

  • Sword – 1000-1500 points for maximum sword damage[7].
  • Defense – 200-300 points to reduce damage taken in battle.
  • Melee – 100-200 points so you don’t run out of energy while attacking.
  • Health – Remaining points into HP for survivability[8].

You can reset your stats using Robux if you want to optimize your build later.

Useful Fighting Styles

Some fighting styles that pair well with swords on a Mink V2 include:

  • Electric Claw – Has a teleport dash move to close distance on enemies.
  • Dragon Talon – Gives AOE attacks and high M1 damage.
  • Death Step – Teleport behind your target to land backstabs.

Try out a few different fighting styles and see which one best matches your playstyle.

Tips for Using Swords

Here are some tips to utilize swords effectively as a Mink V2:

  • Dash into melee range before starting your sword combos.
  • Use your race enhanced jumping to air combo opponents.
  • Time your dodges and blocks to avoid taking damage.
  • Lead bosses or players into your sword ultimate moves for massive damage.
  • Carry a ranged secondary weapon like rifle or flame for opponents staying back.

With the right gear, stats, and practice you can become a master sword fighter in the world of Blox Fruits!


Getting Mink V2 unlocks faster movement and new abilities, while equipping powerful swords like Yama or Saber can make you a major threat. Focus your stats on boosting sword damage, defense, melee, and HP. Master dashing into range before unleashing deadly sword combos onto your foes. Combine your gear with an Electric Claw or Death Step fighting style to enhance your slashes even further. Follow these tips and you’ll be slaying enemies and bosses in style with your Mink V2 sword build.