How to Get Started With Your New Android Smart TV Device

Just got a new Android smart TV and not sure where to begin? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to set up your Android TV, customize the home screen, download apps, play games, and start streaming your favorite shows.

Initial Setup

The first step is getting your Android TV powered on and connected.

  • Plug in the power cord and turn on your TV using the remote. Follow the on-screen prompts to select your language and region.
  • If prompted, connect to your WiFi network. Having internet connectivity enables you to access smart features.
  • Sign in with your Google account or create one if you don’t have an account yet. This allows you to download apps from the Play Store.

You’ll then be taken to the Android TV home screen. This is your launch pad to access all the features.

Customize the Home Screen

The home screen shows rows of content from streaming and media apps. You can customize what appears here for quick access:

  • Add or remove rows – Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen > Customize Channels
  • Reorder rows by long pressing the select button on remote
  • Add favorite apps to the top row

Spend a few minutes tailoring the home page so your most-used apps and services appear first.

Download Apps and Games

To download apps and games from the Google Play store:

  • Select the Play Store icon from home screen
  • Browse categories or use search bar to find apps
  • Select the app and tap “Install” to download
  • Open “My Apps” to see previously installed apps and games

Some must-have apps include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, network apps, and gaming services. Downloader apps can get content not available on Play Store.

Play Android TV Games

Gaming on the big screen is a great experience. Android TV supports multiple Bluetooth controllers, or you can play more casual games directly with the remote.

Some popular Android TV games include:

  • Asphalt 8 – Car racing
  • Beach Buggy Racing – Kart racer
  • Crossy Road – Arcade hopper
  • Leo’s Fortune – Platform adventure
  • Trivia games, party games, retro classics

Start Streaming

You can start streaming movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more by opening one of the installed media apps. Sign in to existing services or browse as a guest.

Use the Google Assistant voice commands to easily search for content, launch apps, adjust settings, and control smart home devices. Press the mic button on remote to get started.

Pro tip: Enable “auto play” in app settings for a true TV viewing experience.

Adjust Android TV Settings

Dive into the Settings menu to configure advanced options:

  • Accounts & Sign-in – Manage connected Google account
  • Network & Internet – Change WiFi settings
  • Apps – Manage installed apps and permissions
  • Device Preferences – Usage data, HDMI control, universal remotes
  • Remotes & Accessories – Pair Bluetooth devices

Under Accounts, use “Send diagnostic data” to limit tracking and data collection.

Customizing these settings ensures your Android smart TV is set up for the best performance and privacy.

With your Android TV ready to go, you now have an impressive home entertainment hub with streaming, gaming, Google Assistant voice commands, and more. Spend time personalizing the home screen, downloading new apps to try, and adjusting settings to perfectly fit your usage preferences.

With the robust Android platform powering your television, and regular software updates bringing new features, you’ll enjoy enhanced functionality for years to come. Welcome to the future of smart TVs! Let me know if you have any other questions getting started with your new Android TV.