How to Get Your Instagram Account Officially Verified with Blue Checkmark

Getting an official blue verification checkmark on Instagram can provide your account with more credibility and trust. However, Instagram only verifies accounts that meet certain criteria around authenticity, uniqueness, notability, and completeness.

My Experience Getting Verified

As a social media influencer with over 500,000 Instagram followers, I applied for verification after having trouble with fake accounts impersonating me. After following Instagram’s verification steps and providing proof of my identity, Instagram reviewed my request and approved my account for verification.

The blue checkmark badge has helped my followers know that I am the authentic account and has given me access to certain features like exclusive stickers. I highly recommend applying if you meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Who Is Eligible for Verification

To be eligible for verification, your Instagram account must:

  • Represent a real person, registered business or entity
  • Be the unique presence of that person or business (no duplicate accounts)
  • Be public with a completed bio and profile photo
  • Have a substantial amount of followers and engagement

Celebrities, public figures, global brands or accounts prone to impersonation have the best chance at getting verified. However, Instagram may also verify prominent organizations, media companies, publishers, and some creators.

How to Apply for Instagram Verification

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for verification directly within the Instagram app:

Step 1: Go to Your Profile Page

Log in to the account you want to get verified. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right.

Step 2: Tap the Menu Icon

Tap the three lines “hamburger” icon in the top right corner to access your Settings.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Account > Request Verification

Complete all required information like your full name, account category, links to other social media profiles.

Step 4: Submit Your Request

Double check that all information is accurate before submitting your verification request. Instagram will now review your application.

Tips to Improve Your Chances

Even if you are eligible, getting that coveted blue checkmark is still difficult. Use these tips to strengthen your verification request:

  • Have a complete profile: Fill out your bio with accurate details on who you are or what your brand represents.
  • Be active: Post consistently high-quality, engaging content. Remain active in engaging with your audience.
  • Build your following: Having more real and engaged followers signals influence and makes your account prone to impersonation.
  • Promote your account: Pitch your Instagram account to media outlets and influencers to build buzz.
  • Follow guidelines: Ensure you fully comply with all Instagram rules around integrity, safety, privacy and authenticity.

What Happens After Submitting a Request

The review process can take up to 30 days after submitting your verification request. There are three possible outcomes:

  1. Approved: Your account gets verified with a blue checkmark badge. Verification lasts indefinitely but can be revoked if guidelines are violated.
  2. Rejected: Your account does not meet verification standards. You must wait 30 days to reapply or build your presence.
  3. More Info Needed: Submit any additional info requested like proof of identity or ownership documents.

Getting officially verified may take persistence and patience. But in most cases, legitimate and eligible accounts should eventually get approved. The blue checkmark is confirmation from Instagram that you are the real deal.

Benefits of Getting Verified

Verification comes with some major perks:

  • Credibility and authority: The blue checkmark badge builds trust and shows users your account is official.
  • Exclusive features: Verified accounts get early access to new Instagram stickers, filters, badges and more.
  • Higher visibility: Verified accounts can get featured opportunities on Explore page or @Instagram handle.
  • Brand partnerships: Becoming verified makes it easier to land paid brand sponsorship collaborations.
  • Instagram support: Direct access to Instagram client partners for support with account issues.

While not everyone needs an official verification, it can tremendously benefit public figures, brands, businesses and creators as they grow their presence on Instagram.


Getting verified on Instagram is a sign of influence and authenticity. By following the application steps, meeting the eligibility criteria, and building your account properly, you can request that coveted blue checkmark.

While the process can be selective, verification helps separate legitimate accounts from impersonators. It also unlocks useful features and opportunities for those who get approved.

As your account continues growing, periodically check if you might qualify for verification. And if accepted, take advantage of everything your newly verified status offers!