How to Join Werewolf Packs in The Sims 4

Werewolves are a popular new addition in the latest Sims 4 game pack. With the ability to transform into wolves, hunt prey, and join packs, playing as a werewolf opens up exciting new gameplay. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about joining werewolf packs in The Sims 4.

Becoming a Werewolf

The first step to joining a werewolf pack is actually becoming a werewolf yourself. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Create a werewolf in Create-A-Sim. When making a new Sim, choose the “Add Occult Sim” option and pick werewolf.
  • Get bitten by another werewolf NPC or player. This gives you the “Werebies” disease which will eventually turn you into a werewolf after a few in-game days.
  • Have a baby with another werewolf Sim. Children born to werewolf parents have a 50-100% chance of becoming werewolves themselves.
  • Use cheats. Type traits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolf to instantly turn your Sim into a werewolf.

Once you become a werewolf, you’ll periodically enter rage states causing involuntary transformations. But after unlocking abilities, you can transform at will.

The Werewolf Packs

There are two major werewolf packs located in the new Moonwood Mill world:

The Wildfangs

The rebellious punk pack that encourages enjoying werewolf life to the fullest. They value exploring, self-improvement, and independence. Their hangout is an old trailer in the woods.

The Moonwood Collective

The more peaceful, traditional pack that believes in using werewolf powers responsibly. They value control, mentorship, and diplomacy with humans. Their hangout is inside a hollow tree.

Joining a Pack

To join a pack, first befriend the leader. Then select the “Join Pack” social interaction to begin initiation.

You’ll have to complete three trials which test various werewolf abilities. Some examples include:

  • Presenting the leader with a gift
  • Sparring with the leader
  • Demonstrating your howling skills

After completing three trials, you can officially join the pack!

Pack Mechanics

Once part of a pack, you must uphold the pack’s values to maintain membership. Each pack’s values shape what is expected of members:

The Wildfangs

  • Explore and mark new territory
  • Take part in werewolf social activities
  • Improve self and werewolf abilities

The Moonwood Collective

  • Control werewolf temperament
  • Mentor lower-ranking members
  • Befriend humans and non-werewolf occult Sims

Failing to follow expectations will get you kicked out!

Ranking Up

Both packs use a ranking system with four tiers:

  • Omega – Lowest rank
  • Delta
  • Beta
  • Alpha – Highest rank and pack leader

By participating in pack activities, you gain experience to reach higher ranks. Each rank unlocks new interactions and abilities.

At the Alpha rank, you can challenge the leader for dominance and take over the pack!

Tips for Pack Gameplay

Here are some tips to get the most out of the pack experience:

  • Roleplay different personalities – Play as a wild rebel or a wise mentor
  • Unlock wardrobe items – New clothes and accessories come with higher ranks
  • Use clubs – Make your own pack with the Get Together expansion
  • Add NPCs to packs – Use cheats or mods to recruit townies into packs

And most importantly, have fun with pack politics and the new social dynamics!


The werewolf packs introduce cool new gameplay opportunities into The Sims 4. You can really dive into the werewolf fantasy by joining packs, ranking up, competing for dominance, and exploring the rich culture and lore around Sims lycanthropy.

Use this guide to become a werewolf, join one of the premade packs in Moonwood Mill, and make the most of your fuzzy new lifestyle. Sniff out prey, howl at the moon, and get in touch with the animal within!