How to Locate Your Laptop’s Model Number

Knowing your laptop’s exact model number is important for several reasons:

  • Getting the correct drivers and manuals for your specific model
  • Checking warranty and support information
  • Purchasing compatible accessories and replacement parts
  • Selling or recycling your laptop

This article will explain where to find your laptop’s model number on both Windows and Mac machines. We’ll also provide tips on interpreting model numbers to understand the components in your laptop.

Locating the Model Number on a Windows Laptop

The easiest way to find your Windows laptop’s model number is to:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run command
  • Type msinfo32 and hit Enter to open System Information
  • Look under the System Model field for your laptop’s model number

You can also find the model number printed on a sticker located on the bottom of your laptop. It may be under the battery if your laptop has a removable battery.

On some HP laptops, pressing Fn + Esc will show the model number in HP Support Assistant.

Locating the Model Number on a MacBook

To find the model number on a MacBook:

  • Click the Apple menu and select About This Mac
  • Click System Report
  • Look for the Model Identifier such as “MacBookPro15,1”

The model number is also printed on the bottom case near the regulatory markings. You can look up the model by its identifier on Apple’s website.

Interpreting Laptop Model Numbers

Laptop model numbers contain codes that identify the processor, graphics card, screen size and other components in your machine. Understanding these codes can tell you exactly what hardware is inside your laptop.

Here are some tips on deciphering model numbers:

  • The first few digits indicate the laptop series or family (e.g. MacBook Pro 15)
  • Letters refer to specific component models (e.g. i7 processor, GTX graphics)
  • Numbers at the end often denote screen size (e.g. 15 = 15-inch)

So for example, “XPS 15 9570” tells you it’s a:

  • Dell XPS 15
  • From the 2017-2019 product family
  • With a 15-inch screen

Refer to your laptop manufacturer’s documentation to interpret the full model number codes.

Using Model Numbers to Get Support

When contacting your laptop manufacturer for technical support or warranty claims, you will need to provide the complete model number.

Make note of your laptop’s model number and keep it in a safe place, such as copying it down or taking a photo.

The support agent can use the full model number to:

  • Pull up specifications for your exact laptop configuration
  • Verify warranty and support entitlements
  • Provide accurate troubleshooting steps specific to your model
  • Ensure any replacement parts sent to you are compatible

So having the right model number handy saves time and prevents receiving incorrect repairs or components.

Using Model Numbers to Buy Accessories

You should also reference your laptop’s model number when purchasing replacement parts or accessories to guarantee compatibility.

For example, using the wrong laptop battery could damage your machine or even pose a fire hazard.

Likewise, you need an adapter that fits the ports on your laptop to connect an external display or other accessory.

So refer to the model number when browsing for accessories to ensure you get the right match for your laptop.

Finding Drivers and Manuals by Model Number

Laptop manufacturers frequently update drivers and manuals for specific models to add new features or fix issues.

Rather than downloading generic drivers, you can enter your model number on the manufacturer’s website to get the latest drivers guaranteed to work with your machine.

Model numbers also ensure you get instruction manuals covering the exact hardware and configuration of your laptop. This avoids confusion if features differ across models.

Keeping drivers and manuals updated is important to address security flaws, fix bugs, and get new functionality from your laptop.

Using Model Numbers to Sell or Recycle Laptops

If you plan on selling or recycling your old laptop, buyers will want to know the exact model number.

This allows them to quickly lookup specifications and the current value to make you a fair offer.

Certain laptop models also tend to be more desirable on the second-hand market based on factors like processor performance, graphics capability, screen resolution and battery life.

For recyclers, the model number helps them properly categorize and dismantle laptops to recover maximum value from components and precious metals while adhering to environmental regulations.

So make sure to have your laptop’s model number handy whether donating, trading-in, selling privately or scrapping your old machine.

How to Find Model Numbers on Other Devices

While we’ve focused on laptop instructions in this guide, model numbers are just as crucial for other electronics like:

Desktop PCs

Model numbers can be found either silkscreened directly onto the PC case or motherboard, or listed on a sticker similar to laptops.

Tablets and E-Readers

Tablets and e-readers display model identifiers in the device settings under the About section, or printed on regulatory labels on the back of the device.


The model number generally appears under the battery or back cover of smartphones. You can also find it through software settings under the About or Status screens.

Gaming Consoles

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have model numbers etched into the plastic moulding or rear labels to distinguish between console variants.

So whether dealing with laptops or other electronics, knowing the right model number saves time and prevents many potential issues.

Locating Model Numbers on Old or Broken Laptops

For older laptops, the label showing the model number may have faded or peeled off. And if your laptop is damaged, the label can get obscured or wiped out.

In these cases, you can try the following tips to recover the model identifier:

  • Search online for the laptop’s FCC ID number, usually available even if the model sticker is damaged
  • Look up the serial number instead through BIOS or command prompt
  • Identify key physical traits like the screen size or keyboard layout
  • Match remaining logos, ports or design elements to laptop models from that period

With some detective work piecing together multiple clues, you can often narrow down the model of older or damaged laptops.


  • Your laptop’s model number provides vital information to get proper support, parts and accessories
  • Model numbers can be found on bottom case labels or in system settings
  • Understanding model number codes helps identify laptop components and specifications
  • Keep your model number noted down somewhere handy for future reference
  • Correct model numbers needed whether fixing, upgrading or recycling laptops

Knowing how to locate and interpret the model number is an important asset for any laptop owner. So follow the instructions to find your model number, and leverage it whenever you need assistance with or make changes to your machine.