How To Add Job Promotions on LinkedIn Profile

Getting a promotion at work is an exciting milestone in anyone’s career. As a professional, you want to update your LinkedIn profile to showcase your new job title and responsibilities. Adding your promotion to LinkedIn keeps your profile up-to-date and allows you to notify your connections about your career growth.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add job promotions on your LinkedIn profile:

Update Work Experience Section

The easiest way is to update your current work experience section with the promotion details:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. In the Experience section, hover over your current job and click the pencil (edit) icon
  3. Update the following details to reflect your promotion:
    • Job title
    • Company name (if changed)
    • Location (if changed)
    • Duration (if changed)
    • Description
  4. Toggle on the Notify network button to share the update with your connections
  5. Click Save

Once saved, your promotion will show under your current work experience.

Add As Separate Position

You can also add the promotion as a separate position under the same company:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. In the Experience section, click the + icon
  3. Click Add position
  4. Enter details like company, title, duration etc.
  5. Toggle on the Notify network button
  6. Click Save

This will add your promotion as a distinct position under your experience.

Customize Promotion Announcement

When you toggle on Notify network, LinkedIn automatically shares an update with your connections. But you can further customize this update:

  1. After saving the promotion, click Share an update
  2. Edit the predefined text to add:
    • Emotions
    • Background story
    • Thank you note
    • Future goals
  3. Enable notifications and click Post

Adding personal touches makes the announcement more engaging for your community.

Update Headline

Your LinkedIn headline appears at the top of your profile. It’s important to update it with your new job title to accurately represent your brand:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click the pencil icon next to your headline
  3. Update headline with promotion details
  4. Click Save

Keep it concise and mention your top skills.

Update Skills

Gaining new skills is often a part of getting promoted. So showcase relevant new skills:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Under your name, click Add profile section
  3. Click Skills
  4. Type in your new skills
  5. Click Save

This keeps your LinkedIn profile well-aligned with your changing skill sets.

Share Update Post

Announcing major career updates directly through a post allows you to share more details with your connections.

  1. Go to LinkedIn and click Start a post
  2. Write details like:
    • New job title and responsibilities
    • Story behind your promotion
    • Thanks and recognitions
    • Future goals
  3. Add visuals like images, stats etc.
  4. Click Post

The post appears in the feed of your connections. It’s also visible to others who visit your profile.

Give Back

Paying it forward makes the professional community stronger. After getting promoted, you can:

  • Mentor others who aspire similar growth
  • Write recommendations for colleagues who contributed to your success
  • Share insights on the skills needed for such promotions
  • Inspire others around you to believe in their abilities

Giving back nurtures relationships and builds your brand as an industry leader.


Adding your job promotion on LinkedIn keeps your professional brand consistent across platforms. This article guides you through the steps to:

  • Update profile details like work experience, headline and skills
  • Customize the promotion announcement to engage your community
  • Share a detailed post to drive conversations
  • Give back to the community through mentoring, writing recommendations etc.

Following these best practices allows you to benefit from the promotion visibility on LinkedIn. It establishes you as a thought leader in your industry.

As a marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, I have helped several clients optimize their LinkedIn presence. Let me know if you need any assistance with showcasing your career growth!