How To Make and Add Email Signatures in Microsoft Outlook

Email signatures are an important part of professional communications. They allow you to showcase your brand, provide contact details, and reinforce your expertise.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through how to make and add email signatures in Microsoft Outlook on both desktop and web versions.

Why Email Signatures Matter

Here are some of the key reasons why you should use an email signature:

  • Branding: Email signatures allow you to display your logo, company name, slogan to build familiarity. This helps strengthen your brand.
  • Credibility: Signatures that highlight credentials like job titles, certifications, and awards can increase perceptions of your expertise.
  • Contact information: Email signatures make it easy for recipients to get in touch by including details like phone numbers, addresses, and social media handles.
  • Promotions: You can include links to landing pages, discounts, sales, or events in your signature.

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook Desktop

Follow these simple steps to make a professional email signature on Outlook desktop app:

1. Open a New Email

Launch the Outlook desktop application and open a new email message.

2. Access Signature Options

Go to the Message tab at the top and click on Signature > Signatures.

3. Add New Signature

In the pop-up box, choose New and give the signature a relevant name.

4. Edit Signature

In the text field under the signature name, add your preferred text, images, logo, links, and customize formatting.

5. Save Signature

Once done, click OK to save the new signature. It will now appear in the signature options.

6. Set as Default

Go to signature options again and set your newly created signature as the default for new messages.

How to Add Email Signature in Outlook Web

Adding signatures in the Outlook web app is also simple. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings

Click on the Settings icon at the top right and choose View all Outlook settings.

2. Access Signatures

Under Mail, select Compose and reply.

3. Create New Signature

In the Email signature section, add your signature content and formatting.

4. Save Settings

Once done customizing, click Save at the bottom to save settings.

5. Confirm Signature

Your signature will now be automatically added in new emails. You can also manually insert it using the Insert signature option.

Email Signature Best Practices

Making an effective email signature requires some strategic planning. Here are some signature design best practices you should follow:

Keep it Short

Donโ€™t make your signature too long. Stick to 4-5 lines so it does not become intrusive or distracting. Only include the most essential information.

Use Consistent Branding

Make sure fonts, colors, and logo usage aligns with your brand guidelines to reinforce brand recognition.

Include Contact Details Strategically

Carefully choose which contact details to add depending on who your audience is. Avoid adding too many options.

Test on Different Devices

Check how your signature renders on mobile devices. Optimize spacing, text size, and links for smaller screens.

Always Update Info

If details like job titles or addresses change, ensure you update signatures across all platforms and devices promptly.

Email Signature Examples and Inspiration

Here are some great examples of professional email signatures from various industries:

Marketing Email Signature Example

This signature sticks to 4 lines, uses brand colors, includes essential contact details, and social media links.

Minimalist Email Signature

This minimal signature focuses solely on the name, title, phone number and website.

Creative Email Signature

This signature adds some visual interest with a banner image while keeping text details to a minimum.

Check out these examples and tweak elements like color schemes, icons, images to make an email signature that represents your brand effectively.

Final Thoughts

An email signature is a simple yet highly effective component of your digital communication. A professional signature can go a long way in boosting brand visibility as well as generating leads and sales. This guide covers all you need โ€“ from crafting attractive signatures across Outlook platforms to signature best practices. With these insights, tips and examples, you can create signatures that strike the perfect balance between design and utility.

So go ahead, make a signature today that makes an impression every time someone receives an email from you or your company!