How To Make Terracotta Items in Minecraft Game

Terracotta is one of the most versatile decorative blocks in Minecraft. With its smooth texture and wide range of potential colors, terracotta opens up endless possibilities for builds and pixel art creations. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining, crafting, and using terracotta effectively.

Obtaining Clay

The first step to crafting terracotta is obtaining clay. Here are some tips:

  • Clay generates abundantly in rivers and shallow waters. Look for light gray blocks when searching.
  • Mine clay with a shovel. Using a Silk Touch enchanted shovel will allow you to obtain clay blocks directly instead of clay balls.
  • Badlands biomes have huge clay deposits across the surface. This makes clay extremely easy to gather in large quantities.

Once you’ve gathered plenty of clay, it’s time to start crafting.

Crafting Terracotta

To craft basic terracotta:

  • Place 4 clay balls on the crafting grid to create 1 clay block
  • Put the clay block in a furnace with any fuel source to smelt it into 1 terracotta block

To craft dyed terracotta:

  • Place 8 terracotta blocks + 1 dye in the crafting grid
  • This will output 8 dyed terracotta blocks

To craft glazed terracotta:

  • Put 1 dyed terracotta block in a furnace with fuel to create 1 glazed terracotta block

Using Terracotta

Terracotta has many great uses thanks to its aesthetic properties:


  • Use in builds as a smooth, vibrant primary building material
  • Contrast with textures like stone, wood, and concrete


  • Craft dyed and glazed terracotta for colorful decoration
  • Design patterns, art, banners, and more


  • Use distinct terracotta blocks to visually label redstone components
  • Doesn’t stick to slime or honey blocks, allowing for movable contraptions

Note Blocks

  • Placing terracotta underneath note blocks produces a bass drum sound

Terracotta Farming

Want even more terracotta? Build a terracotta farm!

Surface Farm

  • Construct in badlands biomes to take advantage of natural clay deposits
  • Use hoppers and chests to collect mined terracotta automatically

Iron Trench

  • Dig long 3-block deep trenches to expose huge clay veins
  • Mine efficiently with a beacon haste effect for insane clay yields


  • Clear all blocks within 128 block radius down to y=40 to prevent other mobs from spawning
  • Excavate to expose massive clay deposits across entire perimeter

Expert Tips

Here are some pro tips for mastering terracotta in Minecraft:

  • Bone meal can be used to craft white dye for staining
  • Combine dyes in a crafting grid to create new colors
  • Terracotta smelted from red sand or red sandstone appears orange
  • Glazed terracotta has unique orientation when placed – pay attention to patterns
  • Use terracotta for armor stands to create statue-like displays

Follow this guide and you’ll be a terracotta expert in no time! With the right techniques, you can amass huge stockpiles of clay and craft vibrant terracotta builds.

About the Author

I’m Steve, and I’ve been playing Minecraft since the early beta days. Over my decade of experience, I’ve become an expert in technical builds, redstone contraptions, and efficient resource generation. My specialty is designing complex farms that produce massive yields of valuable items. I love experimenting with new blocks like terracotta to find inventive uses. My builds incorporate bold colors and patterns for a uniquely eye-catching style. When I’m not gaming, I enjoy writing guides to share pro tips with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts.