How to Mark and Favorite Useful Items for Quick Access in Terraria

Terraria offers players an expansive world with countless items to collect, craft, and utilize. As your journeys take you deeper underground and further across the map, your inventory can quickly become cluttered with various tools, weapons, materials, etc. Finding efficient ways to organize and access the items you use most is crucial.

One of Terraria’s most useful features for inventory management is the ability to “favorite” items, locking them in place and ensuring quick and easy access. This article will cover everything you need to know about favoriting items across all platforms.

What Does Favoriting an Item Do?

When you mark an item as a “favorite” in Terraria:

  • A border appears around the item, indicating it has been favorited
  • The item cannot be quick stacked, quick trashed, thrown away, or deposited
  • The item will remain easily accessible in your inventory

Favoriting items is an important way to safeguard items you rely on often, as well as streamline inventory organization and save you time.

How to Favorite Items on PC

Favoriting items on PC is simple:

  • Open your inventory
  • Hold the Alt key
  • Left-click the item to favorite it
  • A border will appear once favorited successfully

To unfavorite an item, repeat the same steps. The border will disappear when the favorite status is removed.

Favoriting Items on Consoles

Unfortunately, there is no specific “favorite” functionality for console versions of Terraria. However, each console offers alternate methods to easily equip key items:

PlayStation and Xbox

  • Open inventory and press Triangle/Y button to open the Quick Menu
  • Choose the item and select a directional pad slot to assign it

You can then tap that d-pad direction to instantly equip the item.

Nintendo Switch

  • Hold right bumper to open the Radial Hotbar
  • Highlight the item with the analog stick and release to assign to the wheel

Top Items to Favorite

Any items you use frequently or want quick access to are good to favorite. Here are some top suggestions:

  • Weapons: Favorite your best/preferred melee, ranged, magic, and summon weapons
  • Tools: Pickaxe, axe, hammer, etc. tools you use for gathering materials and building
  • Torches: Crucial for exploring dark areas underground
  • Potions/Buffs: Powerful effects to aid you in battle and exploration
  • Magic Mirror: Allows fast teleportation back to your spawn point
  • Mounts: Quick transportation mounts like the UFO Mount

Tips for Managing Inventory

Aside from favoriting key items, utilize these general tips to keep your Terraria inventory organized:

  • Use storage furniture like chests, dressers, safes, etc. to store excess materials, equipment, etc.
  • Sort chest contents by type – weapons, materials, potions, etc.
  • Name storage items for easy identification
  • Build near storage to quickly deposit new items after explorations/mining trips

Future Updates

The ability to favorite items is not yet available on Terraria for mobile devices. Check the official Terraria site and forums for future updates bringing this feature and other inventory management tools to the mobile version.


Learning to properly utilize the Terraria favorite system and general storage best practices is crucial as your explorations uncover more and more items. Favoriting your most vital gear guarantees you’ll have it equipped when you need it most. Coupled with organized storage, you’ll return home ready to efficiently store new materials and items after every adventure.

What items do you find most useful to favorite? Do you have additional tips for managing inventory space in Terraria’s expansive world? Let us know in the comments!