How To Permanently Delete All of Your Telegram Message History

Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging apps, providing end-to-end encrypted messaging between users. However, with Telegram storing message history on its servers, some users want to know how to permanently delete all records of their conversations. Here is a guide on how to clear your Telegram history for good.

Why You Might Want To Delete Your Telegram History

There are a few reasons why permanently deleting your Telegram history might be necessary:

  • Privacy – You want all records of your conversations gone for good. This ensures messages you sent can never come back to haunt you.
  • Security – Deleting history reduces your digital footprint and attack surface area. With no message history to steal, you’re less vulnerable.
  • Storage – Your account’s storage allotment is limited. Deleting history frees up space for new messages.
  • Fresh Start – Wiping your Telegram slate clean can be liberating. You start fresh without old baggage.

Deleting Telegram History On Your Devices

Before permanently deleting all Telegram data from their servers, you should first erase the message history stored locally on your devices:

  • Mobile – Open Telegram > Chat > Tap and hold a message > “Delete” > “Delete for [you/everyone]”
  • Desktop – Right click chat > Clear history [for this device]

This removes the chat history from your device’s storage but not the Telegram servers.

Deleting Your Telegram Account

To entirely eliminate your Telegram presence:

  1. Open Telegram Settings
  2. Go to Privacy and Security
  3. Find and select Delete My Account

Warning: This is irreversible! All messages, media, groups, and contacts will be erased from Telegram’s servers. People who had your number will get a notification that your account was deleted.

Using Secret Chats

Telegram has a “Secret Chat” feature providing end-to-end encrypted messaging that can automatically delete history:

  • Open a chat > Tap profile pic > Start Secret Chat
  • Set self-destruct timer for messages
  • All history is deleted from cloud when secret chat is closed

Secret Chats ensure conversations disappear without publicly deleting your account.

Third-Party Telegram History Deletion

There are also third-party tools that can delete Telegram data:

  • Phone Cleaners – Apps that can wipe Telegram media/messages from device storage.
  • Data Erasers – Online services that send deletion requests to Telegram to remove all your cloud data.

However, use caution and research legitimacy before using third-party software for deleting Telegram history.

Tips For Increasing Telegram Privacy

Aside from deleting history, you can take other measures to boost Telegram privacy:

  • Use Secret Chats instead of regular chats
  • Set messages to auto-delete in regular chats
  • Disable Sync Contacts and hide your number from strangers
  • Don’t share personal info like bio, name, or photo
  • Create a Telegram account using a secondary number

Remember Deleted Data Is Never Truly Gone

While Telegram states they permanently erase deleted data, many experts argue that no deleted data is ever truly gone forever. So even after following all deletion steps, remnants of your Telegram presence could remain in backups and caches.

The only foolproof way to permanently delete Telegram messages is to have never sent them in the first place. But barring abstinence from Telegram, the above guide details every method possible to scrub your messaging history from their servers.