How to Pop Off and Remove Your Ring Doorbell Faceplate Cover


A Ring video doorbell is a popular smart doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to visitors at your door using your smartphone. The faceplate cover is the removable front cover plate that goes over the doorbell. You may need to remove this cover to change the color, charge the battery, or troubleshoot issues. Removing the cover is quick and easy as long as you follow the proper steps.

What You’ll Need

Before removing the Ring doorbell faceplate cover, make sure you have the following:

  • The Ring doorbell security screwdriver that came with your device. This is a specialized screwdriver usually with a star-shaped end.
  • A replacement faceplate cover (optional). If replacing the existing cover with a different color or style.
  • A soft, dry microfiber cloth. To clean the cover if needed.

Power Off the Device

The first step is to power off your Ring doorbell:

  • For battery-powered models, remove the battery by sliding it out of the bottom slot.
  • For hardwired models, switch off power at the circuit breaker connected to the doorbell wiring.

Powering off protects against electric shocks while handling the device.

Locate and Remove Security Screw

Next, use the security screwdriver to remove the small screw located at the bottom edge of the faceplate cover:

  • Examine the bottom edge closely and locate a tiny hole or indentation for the security screw.
  • Insert the screwdriver and turn counterclockwise to loosen the screw. Be extremely careful not to lose this small screw!
  • Set the screw aside in a safe place for later reinstallation.

Release the Faceplate Cover

With the screw removed, you can now detach and remove the faceplate cover:

  • Place both thumbs on the bottom edge of the cover to secure the device.
  • Push up firmly with your thumbs while supporting with your fingers to release the cover.
  • Continue pushing up from underneath until the cover detaches with a click.
  • Once released on one side, carefully pull the cover straight out and away from the device.

Clean and Inspect the Cover

With the cover removed, now is a good opportunity to give it a quick cleaning:

  • Use the soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the front and back to remove dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Check for any cracks or damage on the cover that need to be addressed.

Replace or Reattach the Faceplate

To install a new faceplate cover:

  • Align the plastic hook on the replacement cover with the slot on the doorbell housing.
  • Holding the cover at a 45-degree angle, snap it into place by firmly pressing the bottom edge until it clicks.

To reattach the existing cover:

  • Similarly, align the hook and slot at a 45-degree angle and firmly press into place with a snap.
  • Reinsert and tighten security screw using the special Ring screwdriver to secure.

Restore Power to the Device

The final step is to restore power to your Ring doorbell:

  • For battery-powered models, reinsert the battery into the slot and tab until it clicks into place.
  • For hardwired models, switch the circuit breaker back on to power the device.

You have now successfully removed and replaced the faceplate cover on your Ring video doorbell!

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues removing the cover, try these tips:

  • Ensure your Ring doorbell model actually has a removable cover as some do not.
  • Try locating the security screw hole with a flashlight if having difficulty finding it.
  • Check that you are using the correct Ring security screwdriver and not a regular Phillips head.
  • Try inserting a credit card between the cover and housing and gently twist to pop the cover off if needed.

Carefully follow each step and use proper tools for a smooth cover removal process. With some patience, you can easily access and replace the faceplate on your Ring video doorbell.